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Rainforest Ecosystem

No description

Shannon Cross

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Rainforest Ecosystem

Rainforest Ecosystem
By Paige and Deena

Things you Will Learn
Here are some things you will be learning about, in our prezi:
1. Facts about the ecosystem
2. What's the problem?
3. How does it effect the world?
4. How can we help?
Facts About the Ecosystem
Did you know that when rainforests are cut down it ruins the water cycle?

Really what happens is that the atmosphere water bodies and water tables are effected. The trees absorb and retain the water. A large part of the water that circulates in the eco-system of the rainforest is in the plants.
They are also warm all year 'round! I wish it was like that here! They are like that because of how much rain they get per year.
Scientists predict that an endangered speices dies every fifteen minutes!
What's the Problem?
More and more people are doing illegal things to destroy the rainforests.
Natives and animals are losing their homes. Natives are also part of the problem because they slash and burn the rainforest, which is when they burn parts of the rainforest to grow crops, which rainforest soil is not fit to grow crops. So they go burn other parts of the rainforest.
How it Affects the World
It affects the world because things in the rainforest make really important medicine, and if we lose rainforests we lose great cures. These great cures come from plants in the rainforest and we are losing these great plants. This is also because of slash and burn.

How we can help?
There are many, many ways to save the rainforests. For example: Recycling, composting, and donating to places that help rainforests will really help. You can also plant trees.
Any Questions or Comments?
Paige and Deena
National Geographic
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