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Crash Course Essay Writing

No description

juan enriquez

on 18 April 2017

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Transcript of Crash Course Essay Writing

Introduction and Thesis Statement
step 1. Pick a Side
step 2. Form an opinion
step 3. list reasons (you need 3 solid reasons)
step 4. if you don't have 3 separate reasons: you should switch

What's in a body Paragraph ?
sentence 1--Thesis statement with transition words

sentence 2- 10--Explain your reasons and give specific examples. This is where you use quotes to back up back your thesis / opinion.

last 2-3 sentences--Commentary sentences with commentary --phrasing (this is where YOU interpret your quotes / evidence for your reader.
what goes into a body paragraph?
idea: topic sentence that transitions to your first reason and restates your general opinion
Body Paragraph 2
idea /topic sentence:
"Another reason / example opinion is ___reason 2.
Body Paragraph 3
idea / topic sentence:
"The final and most important reason __opinion is ___reason 3
Generate your thesis
type 1: reasons first
When one examines, _____reason1___ , ____reason2___ and ___reason3; he realizes ____opinion.
type 2: opinion first
____Opinion__ when one examines __reason1 ,
___reason2 , and __reason 3.
examples of thesis statement types:
reasons first:
When one examines safety, appearance and performance; he sees the Enriquez Family should buy the Honda Accord

opinion first:
The Enriquez Family should buy the Honda Accord when one examines safety, appearance and performance
Topic sentence:
The first reason _____opinion___ is __reason 1.
The first reason the death penalty should be abolished is it's racist history.
support: Explain your reason and give specifics
Commentary: closure for your body paragraph and reason
what is commentary?:
Commentary relates your reason and connects it with your overall thesis "one more time".
begins with phrases like:

As one can see,


Without a doubt,

examples of commentary at the end of a body paragraph:
As one can see, racism has plagued the death penalty in America for centuries. It is just one powerful reason why the death penalty should be re-evaluated.
Without a doubt, the Honda Accord's many safety features illustrate its immense value. It is a car that is a step ahead of others on the market.
support: explain reason and give specifics
introduction paragraphs
3 sentences before your thesis statement

thesis is always the last sentence

sentences before thesis should not have opinion
conclusion paragraphs
1. first sentence: restate general opinion
2. second sentence: list your reasons separately or all in one sentence.
3. last 2-5 sentences: SAY SOMETHING POWERFUL
Thesis turns into topic sentence:
When one examines Bilbo's behavior, Gandalf's beliefs and Beorn's hospitality, he sees the central theme of The Hobbit is "friendship is forever."
topic sentence 1:
The first illustration of the theme "friendship is forever in The Hobbit is; Bilbo's behavior
copy topic sentence 1 and paste it as topic sentence 2 and modify it

ex: The first illustration of the theme "friendship is forever" in The Hobbit is; Bilbo's behavior

changes to:
Another display of the theme "friendship is forever" in The Hobbit is; Gandalf's beliefs.
first topic sentence of first body paragraph
2nd body paragraph
3rd body paragraph
copy topic sentence 1 and paste it as the topic sentence for body 3. Then modify it to fit.
ex: The first illustration of the theme "frienship is forever" in The Hobbit is; Bilbo's behavior.
changes to:
The final showing of the the theme "friendship is forever" in The Hobbit is; Beorn's hospitality.
When one examines the dangers of a lax view of alcohol on teens, sexual promiscuity, and treatment of women; he sees that The Catcher in The Rye should be banned
One of the first glaring examples that exemplify why The Catcher in The Rye should be banned is its glorification of sexual promiscuity. Throughout the novel Holden....
Another illustration of the need to ban Tickle Me Elmo from schools is it promotes innapropriate touch. Throughout Tickle Me Elmo's dialogue he sends out messages that invite touching and caressing. Accordingly, this is not always a good thing to teach children. Dr. Dan Galackowitz explains, "teaching young persons to touch, before they are ready, can lead to socially awkward moments and eventual isolation (25)." This has actually led to several children being removed from classes and activities. West Texas Elementary school recently removed "several children from class for tickling others despite disapproval (Simpson23)." Without a doubt, the behaviors that the Tickle Me Elmo doll promotes can lead children to...
1st body paragraph
The first reason the album Straight Outta Compton should be banned from schools is vulgar language.
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