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Gender Equality: Families Research Paper

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amy rudnicki

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of Gender Equality: Families Research Paper

Gender Equality Has
Improved Over Time
What Is Gender Equality?
Gender Equality is the view that men and women should receive equal treatment, pay, and many other things around the world.
Gender Equality has improved in home life and society over the last fifty years.
Method to prove thesis:
Subtopic: Home Life
In order to prove my hypothesis i will:
- use reliable sources from the internet (for example .org or .net)
-use graphs to show data in an easy and clear way
-view interviews online to make sure data found on internet matches data of current time
Subtopic: Society
In order to prove my hypothesis is will:
-use reliable sources from the internet (for example .org or .net)
-use graphs to show data in an easy and clear way
-look at laws which enforce gender equality in society which have been made in the last fifty years

Subtopic: Home Life
-has changed for the better
Responsibility of children changed

females helped cook/clean with mothers
males helped fathers outside or fix things
females and males have more options for chores, females are allowed to help outside
females played inside with dolls
males played outside with trucks
females and males are allowed to play with what they would like, inside and out
Subtopic: Society

-increased immensity
women stayed home to take care of children
men worked to support family
both men and women have th ability to work and in some cases males stay home while women work to support family
Work Field
women who did work were only allowed to work in jobs such as nurses or secretaries
more women are begining to gain jobs in fields of mostly men such as construction or welding
Video: full house showing role of women
Over the last fifty years many things have changed which prove and increase if gender equality. Some of these include:
- women's earnings compared to mens (graph above)
-where women are allowed and will get hired to work
-social customs (clothing, attitudes)
-rights (legal to be transgender, bisexual, lesbian..)
-gender equality has increased in the last fifty years
-men and women are more equal in home life and society
-men and women can now be free to be who they are and have the rights to be an equal in many ways
-Google Images for all pictures in this project
-Youtube.com for the video in this project
-BLS Reports. Highlights of Women's Earnings in 2012. Retrieved on June 23, 2014. (graph)
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