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Social Entrepreneurship

No description

Asociacion MINU

on 16 March 2018

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Transcript of Social Entrepreneurship

Argentina's Situation
An internacional report from
The Global Entrepreneurship
states that Argentina has a big amount of entrepreneurs between 25 and 44 years old.
There’s a growth of young ventures between 18 and 24
, as well as between 44 and 64 years old, which are people who are retired and planged into the world of entrepreneurship
29% of Argentinian people between 18 and 24 years old, have planned to start a bussiness venture in the next two years.
Argentina counts with one of the most remarkable entrepreneurships of the region. Its favourite topics are finances, comerce, and renewable energies. A good example is
, a website to book hotels and flights.
Entrepreneurship in Argentina
MiNU Civic Association
Recently, the state has pushed the financing of entrepreneurs with official programs through subsidies and non-refundable contributions.

, is a social enterprise that started in 2013. It offers digital solutions to the business world, by opening shop opportunities to women and young people who are socially vulnerable. In this way, this socially vulnerable people discover shops that hadn’t take part of their spectrum of possibilities before.

Academia Emprende
a free training program , that makes focus in the abilities required for entrepreneurship.
It includes quick methodology, with the aiming of solving problems by thinking of expanding an already existing project.
Nobleza Obliga
is a collective financed platform, created to

people in need
Nobleza Obliga, which had made a
very important impact
in Argentinian’s society, is different from other crowdfunding services. In one way, it transfers the money collected, even if they did not reached the amount of money expected. In another way, it does not work with a rewarding system in exchange of donations.
The main issues that hinder young population of starting their own venture are:
Lack of confidence and determination
Lack of monetary
Lack of good ideas
Another issue that the report reveals, is the
fear of failing
, that has growth from 2014 (23,5%) to 2015 (25.8%)
Nevertheless, the most remarkable cases are, the one of the startup
(advocated to software’s designing), and
, which is similar to Amazon.

A newness this year is the “Academia Argentina Emprende”, from the Ministry of Production, created in order to qualify the entrepreneurs.
Social Entrepreneurships

Gráfica Artesanal
is a social and
project based on a worker cooperative. Its members develop high quality products with
recycled paper
and support families that are part of this initiative.
It is a way to promote training since handicrafts are a very effective way to
develop skills
acquire new knowledge
and encourage micro-ventures.
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