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Thomas Hardy (1840-1928)

No description

Luis Chavez

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Thomas Hardy (1840-1928)

"Most people who knew Baptista Trewthen agreed that there was nothing in her to love, and nothing in her to hate. She did not seem to feel very strongly about anything. But still water runs deep, and nothing had yet happened to make her show what lay hidden inside her, like gold underground."
"She knew he was right, and paid him what he wanted. A week later the workman sent his wife to ask for more money, and again Baptista paid. But when there was a fourth visit, she refused to pay, and shut the door in the man's surprised face."
_"Thank you Mrs.Wace. You´re very kind to me. But here comes my difficulty. I don't like teaching. Ah, you're surprised. That's because I've hidden it from everyone. Well, I really hate the school. The children are awful little things, who make trouble all day long.But even they are not as bad as the inspector.For three months before his visit I woke up several times every night, worrying about it. It's so difficult knowing what to teach and what to leave untaught."
Thomas Hardy (1840-1928)
A Moment of Madness
(A Mere Interlude)
Tor-Upon-Sea = Torquay
St.Marias = St.Marys (Isles of Scilly)
Pen-Zephyrs = Penzance

Page 55 line 19-28
Page 54, line 1-6
"And so began a more pleasant life for Baptista Heddegan. She had discovered what kind, gentle girls these unwelcome daughters were.At first she felt sorry for them, then grow to like them. And from liking, she grow to love them. In the end they brought her and her husband closer together, and so Baptista and David were able to put the past behind them and find unexpectedhappines in.Their married life."
Pag 68, line 22-26
Pag 70, line 17-24

A passage is usually one paragraph, but sometimes it can be just one or two sentences, or perhaps a piece of dialogue.
First published in

"The Bolton Weekly Journal"

in October 1885

What it means "Still waters run deep"?
How many times the workman and his wife asked her for money ?
How felt Baptista about David's daughters ?
Mrs.Wace interrupt her in some point ?
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