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presentation for HUG/DHUG

Sjoerd Timmer

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of DotFS

Hobby project: DotFS or:
how Fred solved his config clutter Paul van der Walt
Sjoerd Timmer Fred and his pc Possible solutions Git/svn/... branches Conditions in config DotFS only local and global settings; nothing inbetween
different for every application
most applications cannot do this at all Problems: elegant solution?
rebase/merging is a pain How it works Haskell
HFuse to provide a VFS
Parsec to parse the configs
simple procedural language Introducing Fred: married
2 children
45 years old
commutes to work
loves bowling and golf Fun Fact: Abacus is the early predecessor of MS Calculator The Problem: distributed configs
with local variations
in a dynamic environment Imagine you want... to change a line
on all machines: to add a feature to all machines that support it: Do not forget to set "mode=automatic" in your .abacusrc; This will improve user experience dramatically! Thank you for choosing Abacus, etc. etc. etc. etc... From: Abacus Inc.
To: Fred
"... new version 8 ... ... upgrade now ... ... uncrashable! Just add donotcrash=true to your .abacusrc ..." example fred@home:~ $ ./dotfs ~/real ~/virtual fred@work:~ $ ./dotfs ~/real ~/virtual fred@laptop:~ $ ./dotfs ~/real ~/virtual "We will install Abacus 8 as soon as we have documented this server upgrade..." IT Department: what git was made for: what we need: Summary: one config
multiple views
fully scriptable
no changes required initially
it uses Haskell! No good method exists for managing configs! Try it, it's free! DotFS: Best watched in a 4:3 container! The "Fullscreen" button is under "More"
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