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Extraordinary Means

No description

Madeleine Student

on 21 May 2016

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Transcript of Extraordinary Means

. Lantham House: A sanctuary for young adults with TB
minor characters
. Dr. Barons: Lantham house doctor
. Hannah: Lane's ex-girlfriend
. michael: "friend" of Sadie and Nick's

Main Characters
. Lane: Floppy longish Hair, tall
. Sadie: short, long frizzy blonde hair
. nick: messy brown hair, glasses
. charlie: short dark hair, small
. Marina: Dark skin, curly hair, tall
Lane is a normal 17 year old teenager. he is living life and is suddenly diagnosed with tdr-tb. his whole life changes. he is sent off to lantham house and Lane thinks that his life is ruined. maybe. this is his battle throughout the tb experience. the question is: will he have a bright future? or any future at all?
Rating: 4.5/5.0
since lane and his friends have tb they might not live very long. lane learns to live to the fullest even with complications in the way. such as: His friend charlie seems to be getting worse instead of better. will lane make it?
point of view
. written in first person
. switches views between lane and sadie

Extraordinary Means
. Whitley, WAshington
. this book had an amazing storyline
. it really caught my attention and i couldn't put it down
. the characters were really realistic
. sometimes the dialouge was confusing
. overall this book was a good book
. realistic fiction
About tdr-tb
tdr-tb is a kind of lung disease that is very rare. this was based before doctors found a cure for tb called protocillin. tb is contagious and can be given to others. tdr-tb stands for total drug resistant tuberculosis
Thank you!!!
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