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Ron Vassallo

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Water

The Importance of

It's Unique
Water is a unique substance on Earth. It is one of, if not the only liquid that can sustain life, thus its vitality. Water is also important because it's a great solvent which means that it can dissolve substances like the human body's solutes. It is also an essential part of the metabolic process. It helps in anabolism, where water is drained from molecules to make bigger ones, and in catabolism, where it breaks down bonds to create smaller molecules. Water is extremely important for the human body and that's as simply as I can put it because without water, life on Earth wouldn't exist.
Plant Life
Water is also essential to plant life. In the process of photosynthesis plants use the sun's energy to actually separate the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen atom in H2O. They then combine the hydrogen with CO2 to make glucose and release oxygen into the air. So basically, without water plants wouldn't be able to create glucose to live off or release oxygen for us to breath. Without water there would be no plants, barely any oxygen, and a down-right dreadful planet.
It's Burden
All the plants and animals of the world depend on one thing: water. Today water is in twice the demand it was 50 years ago. The human consumption of calories and meat has risen and more water is needed to feed the animals and crops that we eat. Not only are there seven billion people needing water, there is escalating competition for water from industry, urbanization, and bio fuel crops, and that's only a tiny sliver of what we use it for. If you think that's all water does than you are sourly mistaken. Water also has to hydrate (and in some cases make a home for) all the other animals and plants in the world right down to tiny krill. Water is one of the most important things we have on Earth and we are very, very lucky to have it.
Another reason water is important is that water actually helps shape the earth in the geological process, but in more ways than erosion. For example, groundwater is found in most rocks, and pressure of this groundwater actually affects the patterns (movements) of tectonic plates which means that the way earthquakes shift or move might be caused by groundwater. Water in the mantle also causes the melt that creates volcanoes at subduction zones which is where one tectonic plates goes under another. Not only that, but water is also a major part of sediment transport which helps form sedimentary rocks. Water is a huge factor of how the earth looks and without it there wouldn't be the many great places on earth that we now love.
A Scientific Standard
Water is constantly used as a scientific standard too. A gram can be measured by how much pure water weighs in a one-hundredth of a meter cube because the two weights are equal. The triple point of water, which is where the three states of a substance coexist, is also used for the base of the Kelvin temperature scale. Not only is water used to base that scale, it is also used to base the Celsius temperature scale which is based off of the boiling point and freezing point of water. Water is used as a base for many measurement systems. Whether it's for temperature or weight, you can always compare what you have to water.
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