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What is Literacy?

C&I 306

Brigette Bohm

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of What is Literacy?

What is Literacy? the ability to connect and comprehend the surrounding world receiving, transmitting, and transferring information interpretation of various texts affected by experience, feelings, and abilities of the individual constantly evolving process that is different for everyone a honed skill, needs to be nurtured and practiced necessary requirement to function actively and positively with success in society comprehension of text, symbols, numbers, and voice prompts a lifetime to learn not just reading and writing applies to every facet of life drawing meaning from the world around you social to physical, from speaking to fighting According to Webster's Dictionary:
1.the quality or state of being literate, esp. the ability to read and write.
2.possession of education: to question someone's literacy.
3.a person's knowledge of a particular subject or field: to acquire computer literacy. ......But is that it??? being socially, culturally, and technologically efficient using technology in a changing world Literacy is not limited in its definition. It includes all these things and many more...........Literacy is everywhere!
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