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Morris, Holly

No description

Manor Prep

on 7 December 2017

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Transcript of Morris, Holly

Greek Monsters
By Holly Morris

I am going to show 5 Greek Monsters
A Cyclops is a giant that has one eye.

They are know to live in traditionally Sicily.

Cyclops are know to be the son of the Sea God Poseidon
Sirens are mermaids that make sailors
crash into the rocks when they sing.

They are the daughters of the River God

Sirens are known to live on Cape Pelorum

A Spinx is a girl with the body of a lion and wings.
According to legend it is known to also have a snake tail.
Sphinx is a very popular art.
Centaur's are horses with the top half of a human.
Centaurs were usually said to been born of lxion
and Nephele.
Pegasus are horses that have wings

and live up in the clouds.
Thank you for watching
and listening:)(:
Are any of them good?

There are lots of Greek monsters but only a few are good:

Pegasus's are horses with wings,
they are good monsters.
Centaurs are half horse and half human but sometimes they can be very dangerous to humans and other animals if they think you are a threat!
A Sphinx is a lion with eagle wings
and the head and breasts of a human but she is only a threat to people and animals if you get her riddle wrong she will eat you in one gulp!
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