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Speak Figurative Language Project

No description

deleah coleman

on 8 March 2017

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Transcript of Speak Figurative Language Project

"Andy Beast swoops over their heads,folds his wings,and sets himself between the girls."(Page 150)
Example 4
Figurative Language
Huge forms of figurative language in the book Speak are metaphors.A metaphor is describing two things directly.Metaphors are seen throughout the whole book.
Example 2
Example 3
"BunnyRabbit bolts, leaving fast tracks in the snow."(Page 97)

At this moment in the story Melinda sees Andy and gets shaken up.She gets into a sort of flight reaction like a rabbit to avoid being near him.
De'Leah Coleman
Speak Figurative Language Project
"I stand in the center aisle of the auditorium, a wounded zebra..hired to coach a blood sport."(Page 5)

Melinda is saying that she is weak,targeted,and afraid.Like a zebra that is alone and bleeding out left to die.
Andy is like an eagle swooping on it's prey using his size and strength to manipulate the girls.He has them in a place where he can control them.
Example 5

Example 1
"I am Outcast."(Page 4)
Melinda is describing the feeling of being unwanted and lonely.She feels like she doesn't really belong and can't relate to anyone else.
"IT is my nightmare and I can't wake up."
Melinda is describing Andy as a nightmare and she feels trapped to where she can't escape him.She is terrified of him and he is like a monster.
Example 6
"We troop down for the brainwashing."
The author is comparing the school pep rally to a brainwashing, because the school fills the student's heads up with what they want to hear.They set standards that they want the students to have.
Example 7
"It's the blood of imbiciles.Confusion.Tenure...smoker's lung."(Page 104)
Mr.Freeman was going through a depressing time in his life, so he made a painting to describe how he was feeling inside.He described his emotions in dark and gloomy ways.
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