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Instrumental Music Program

No description

Amy Riske

on 25 September 2017

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Transcript of Instrumental Music Program

Fall Semester
Important Dates
Classes begin the
week of Sep. 26
Thanksgiving Break:
Nov. 21-27
Winter Break:
Dec. 23
- Jan. 8
Parent/Teacher Conferences:
Jan. 30- Feb. 3
Make-up week (if needed):
Jan. 31- Feb. 2
Attendance Policies
Students are expected to attend all classes, lessons, rehearsals and performances for which they are scheduled.

Students are allowed 3 absences per semester
Reporting absences are a courtesy but not a requirement
Students can not be absent from more than 2 consecutive classes
There are mandatory attendance days
Always collect the homework assignment from your teacher!
Tardiness will be counted towards your absence total
Fall Semester Concert Dates and Information
Image by Tom Mooring
Instrumental & Vocal Music Program
2016/2017 Family Information

Removal from the Instrumental Music Program
Loss of the Private Lesson Passport
May need to repeat a class
May not be allowed to re-enter the Instrumental & Vocal Music Program
Did you know?
Stay up to date on special news and
events at Merit with the
Website Calendar

Attend free concerts
Participate in the Merit Young Musician Competition
Receive special discounts on Private Lessons and elective classes
Enjoy access to the Glasser-Rosenthal Library
As an Instrumental & Vocal Music Program Student,
You Get to....
Band Concert-
January 24
Choir Concert-
January 25
String Orchestra Concert -
January 26
Group Class Concerts-
January 24-30

Concerts are free and open to the public- bring your family and friends!
What do I wear?
Student concert dress:
Black pants or skirt
(skirts MUST be below the knee or longer),
a solid white shirt
(boys’ shirts MUST have a collar & girls’ shirts must have short sleeves or longer) with no lettering, pictures or graphics, black shoes, black socks, tights or nylons.

All students performing must come to
Merit dressed in proper attire
the day of the concert.
Mandatory Attendance Days
The first day of classes for a new semester
Dress rehearsal days

and the Merit
Weekly Newsletter:
What is Merit?
Instrumental & Vocal Music Program
Is divided into Band, Guitar, Piano, Strings, and Voice divisions.
Grades Kindergarten-9th
Follows a specific curriculum
Classes become longer the further your student progresses
Some divisions include participation in a large ensemble
of Absences
What Should I Expect on the First Day of Class?
Come early- all students will need to check in
Pay your bill before the first day
Bring your instrument
Bring your parent
Bring any lesson books you've received in previous classes
Why are private lessons important?
Allow students to learn one-on-one with a highly qualified faculty member
Required for
Suzuki-Alegre string and higher-level piano students
For more information, contact:
Student Services
(312-786-9428 or studentservices@meritmusic.org)
Manuel Ramos, Private Lesson Coordinator, (312-267-4488 or mramos@meritmusic.org)
Who should I talk to if I have questions?
Questions regarding your student's progress in class:
your student's teacher
Questions regarding registration, your account, billing or financial aid:
Student Services
To report any issues or concerns regarding your student's class:
your Program Manager or Director
Logan Massey
, Program Director
312-267-4477 or lmassey@meritmusic.org
Karen Mari
, Program Manager
312-676-3688 or kmari@meritmusic.org

Voice & Guitar
Melanie Lunardi
, Program Director
312-676-3690 or mlunardi@meritmusic.org

Amy Riske
, Program Director
312-267-4467 or ariske@meritmusic.org
Ashley Summers
, Program Manager
312-676-3691 or asummers@meritmusic.org

Strings and Orchestra
Brian Beach
, Program Director
312-267-4463 or bbeach@meritmusic.org
Hilary Butler
, Program Manager
312-267-4472 or hbutler@meritmusic.org
Note: Merit usually holds classes on minor holidays and CPS days off.
Get to know your teacher!
Collect your teacher's contact info on the first day of class
Develop an open line of communication
Attend Parent/Teacher Conferences
Conference Dates:
Fall: Jan. 30 - Feb. 2
Spring: May 16 - 26
Merit's Glasser-Rosenthal Library
: books, sheet music, periodicals, reference materials, CDs, DVDs, LPs, CD/cassette/radio players
Research tools
: books, computers and the Naxos Music Library
Instrument Loan Program
Learning is an Ongoing Process
Your student will receive personalized recommendations for registration
Register early- spots in classes fill quickly!
Always be thinking of the future:
When should we enroll in private lessons?
Is my student ready for the Conservatory?
What summer programs can we
participate in?

And Your Parents
Get to....

Support your growth as young musicians and get to know other parents by participating in Merit Parent Association (MPA) activities
Merit Parent Association (MPA)
The Merit Parent Association is a resource to help families connect, network, and promote Merit benefits such as scholarships, concerts, carpooling opportunities, Merit’s formal attire loan program, and summer camp offerings. The MPA also helps raise necessary funds to support Merit’s many programs. Parents make individual donations, solicit contributions from their employers and local businesses, and organize fundraising efforts in support of
, a two-day, nonstop musical concert.
2016-2017 MPA Fundraising Goal
Ask friends, family, and coworkers to make a donation to Merit
Set up an automatic monthly donation to Merit. It's easy to do!
Ask your employer to match your donation
Mark Your Calendars for "Giving Tuesday" (12/1/2016) an opportunity for first-time donors to receive a special match dollar-for-dollar.
Make Merit one of your primary charities this year by giving a generous tax-deductible gift
2016-2017 Merit Parent Association Leadership
Tom Sullivan - President
Elizabeth O'Connor - Vice President
Message From Merit School of Music President & Executive Director, Charles Grode
Merit is an outstanding musical, educational community, unique in its dedication to excellence in teaching and performing, and in its diverse student body representing the Chicago metropolitan area.

To make Merit's programs possible, it is critical to have generous support from all Merit stakeholders, including all Merit parents.
As a parent, please set an example for our students, demonstrating the importance of supporting activities and organizations that have made a positive impact in your lives and the lives of others.
Support PERFORMATHON, the Merit Parent Association's largest fundraiser to be held February 24 & 25, 2017
THANK YOU to everyone who contributed last year to raise a total of $178,000 through MPA fundraising to sustain Merit’s programming. Thank you for considering making a new, sustained, or increased gift. I look forward to getting to know and work with you all this year.
Questions about your Division?
The Merit faculty is dedicated to:

Treating each student with respect, patience, and kindness
Providing excellence in music instruction within a warm, nurturing environment
Holding the bar high by expecting the highest artistic standards at all levels of performance
Instilling the notion that perseverance is often the most important aspect of success
Helping our students to become productive, compassionate members of society, to develop as responsible human beings and good citizens, and to experience the kind of self-esteem that comes from hard work and achievement
The Merit Teaching Philosophy
The Merit
Student Creed
Stay Informed!
Please make sure that we an updated e-mail address for you!
All important program information will be communicated via e-mail.
The cost of sustaining this unique and vibrant community in 2016/17 is $5.7 million. $3.0 million comes from charitable contributions and $2.9 million comes from tuition, fees, and other income.
Message From Merit School of Music President & Executive Director, Charles Grode
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