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Bob Fosse

No description

Stacey Sakakibara

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Bob Fosse

Stage productions
Mary Ann Niles
Bob Fosse
The Pajama Game, 1954, choreographer
Damn Yankees, 1955, choreographer
Bells Are Ringing, 1956, co-choreographer
New Girl in Town, 1958, choreographer
Redhead, 1959, director and choreographer
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, 1961, choreographer
Little Me, 1962, co-director and co-choreographer
Pleasures and Palaces, 1965, director and choreographer
Sweet Charity, 1966, director and choreographer
Pippin, 1972, uncredited book, director, and choreographer
Liza with a Z, 1972, filmed for television concert, director, and choreographer[19]
Chicago, 1975, book; director and choreographer
Dancin', 1978, director and choreographer
Big Deal, 1986, director and choreographer
Tony: Bob Fosse received eight Tony awards for his choreography and one as director.
Honors and Awards
Academy award: He won an Academy award as director of cabaret.
Emmy: Fosse won a Prime Time Emmy for Liza with a Z.
Laurence Olivier award: This award was won for the Fosse Tribute video.
Palme d'Or award: He won the Palme d'Or for All That Jazz.
The End
"Choreography is writing on your feet"
-Bob Fosse
Bob Fosse is known through out
the world as one of the most
influential male choreographers in
dance history. His unique and theatrical
style still has an impact on performers of
this generation. He set records with Tony
and Academy Awards won for his work
and created a legendary style that is
practiced in dance studios throughout the
world. Bob Fosse's artistic talent and
bustling energy is an aspect of dance I'd
hope to one day achieve.

Fosse's unique and quirky style is what made his choreography so memorable. The posture of his dancers is often described as stylish, sexy, and easily recognized. The common Fosse costume is equipped with bowler hats, canes and gloves.
Although Bob Fosse had several signature moves and positions, three of his most famous trademarks are rolled shoulders, turned-in knees, sideways shuffling, jazz hands, and leaning walks.
Although Fosse is famous for his career as a
choreographer, few know he also began in
show business as an actor. He featured in several
films such as The Affairs of Dobie Gillis, Give a Girl
a Break and Kiss Me Kate before switching his profession to full time dance choreography due to premature balding. In 1957 he choreographed his first movie, The Pajama Game, and his unique style was instantly popular. His next few films include Damn Yankees, Sweet Charity and Cabaret. I've included images of all the movies he's taken part in either as actor, choreographer or director.
It's no secret that Fosse has influenced artists of all generations. One example of this is Beyoncé. There are many similarities between her Single Ladies video and Fosse's Mexican Breakfast. She also borrowed The Frug from Fosse's film Sweet Charity and used it in her Get Me Bodied video. Paul Abdul's hit single Cold Hearted video was inspired by Fosse's dance sequence from the movie All That Jazz. The Pussycat Dolls are another group inspired by Bob Fosse. Their music video of Buttons has been recognized as Fosse's choreography to Big Spender in Sweet Charity. Last but not least, Michael Jackson is known as a huge Fosse fan. His signature foot kick was directly stolen from Bob Fosse. It’s amazing how Bob Fosse invented the iconic dances used by Michael Jackson decades after his death.

Married in 1960 till 1987
Married in 1949 till 1951
Married in 1952 till 1959
Gwen Verdon And Bob Fosse Have a daughter named Nicole Providence Fosse.
Gwen Verdon
Joan Mccracken
Mary Ann Niles was Bob Fosse's dance partner and first wife.
Fosse was unfaithful during their marriage and left her for Gwen Verdon
Joan Mccracken met Bob Fosse while both were appearing in Dance Me a Song.
Her intervention with the producer of The Pajama Game led to Fosse's first major job as a choreographer.
He separated from Verdon in the 1970s, but they remained legally married until his death in 1987
Fosse and Niles began performing as a couple after Call Me Mister closed, with Fosse choreographing their routines.
Apart from his three marriages, Fosse is known to have had several affairs with other women. Some examples are Jessica Lang (All That Jazz) and Ann Reinking (Pippin).
1973, 1978, 1986
BAFTA award: Fosse won two BAFTA awards for Cabaret.
Bob Fosse set records for his acheivements of Tony, Emmy and academy awards. He was the first person to win all three awards in the same year. He is also the only person to have won all three awards in the category of "Best Director".
With an immense number of stage productions, Fosse is considered a legend in Broadway style theater. Influenced by the work of Jack Cole, Fred Astaire, and Jerome Robbins since a young age, Fosse was a master in mixing styles. In Redhead alone he added elements of jazz, gypsy dance, march, cancan, ballet, and the traditional English music-hall. His stage productions were nearly all successful and people everywhere became Fosse obsessed. In 2001, long after his death, a filmed Broadway production of a 1999 tribute, filled with his many hit numbers, was released. Memorable dances from Chicago, Sweet Charity, Pippin, Cabaret and All That Jazz helped this stage production win the 1999 Tony Award for Best Musical.
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