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School vs Learning

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kristen crockett

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of School vs Learning

School vs Learning
Students gain a higher education while going to school. they can pass on each grade without ever having to "learn" anything.
An education is the possession of more knowledge in a certain subject, not necessarily mastering the subject.
The process in which society passes on knowledge from one individual to the next.
An education is based on standards, most of which is memorization. (the issue with this is that things are only remembered for a short period of time)
Learning in school
Teachers can use project based learning, to help their students become more motivated to learn the subject while in school.
" Project-based learning is among the most successful and powerful. As both a planning and a learning tool, Project based learning challenges teachers to make new decisions about how they plan student learning experiences, while simultaneously empowering students to take a more active role in the learning process" -
The internet is also a huge tool that many teachers are starting to open up about. Students feel more connected to the internet so they are more willing to learn.
When people learn, they are doing the action to better themselves in a certain area.
People are passionate when they are learning.
Learning is more engaging than getting educated.
When someone is learning, they may not be the most educated in that subject. For example a C student may do more learning of a subject than an A student, because they have to really think about methods of figuring out the right answers.
learning is an ongoing process, we learn things when we are an infant, and we continue to learn things until we die. learning evolves at the personal level, for which there are no set standards. -education vs learning.net
By Kristen Crockett and Jacob Fowler
Links to check out more facts about this controversy
Our goal: to become teachers that teach in a way that the students learn, and get an education.
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