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Community Resource Project

No description

Katie Burlew

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Community Resource Project

Community Resources in Hamilton, Ohio Alternative School Programs Union Day School Combines educational instruction with therapy for children (age 6-14) with severe emotional, behavioral, or social issues.
8735 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd West Chester, Ohio 45069
Dennis Smith - Assistant Principal 513-785-6915 smithd@bcesc.org Help Me Grow For expectant parents, newborns, infants and toddlers.
Provides developmental services so children can start school healthy and ready to learn.
1001 Grove Street, Middletown, OH 45044-5890
(513) 217-6635
Head Start Federally funded, quality preschool program.
Now has classrooms at Fairfield North and Fairfield South Elementary.
Butler County Success Program Modeled from Lakota's program.
Provides families with free medical/dental care, access to child care, access to free school-based mental health programs, access to free healthy food programs, and develops relationships between school, community, and families.
513-887-3710 Kelly O'Leary Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders Located in Cincinnati Childrens
Provides diagnostic services, treatment, and support for children with Autism and their families.
513-636-4611 Ohio Department of Education Provides parents and teachers with resources about IEPs, laws, and many resources about special education in Ohio.
www.ode.state.oh.us Ohio Coalition for the Education
of Children with Disabilities Provides information on parent training classes/webinars, parent mentor programs, and conferences for parents of children with disabilities.
www.ocecd.org Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati Provides legam services on many different topics, including special education needs, for free or at low cost to qualifying families.
www.lascinti.org Special Olympics Available to children ages 12-adults.
Allows children with disabilities to participate in athletic events and interact with other families with children with disabilities.
Families can volunteer, participate, or cheer on other athletes.
Contact Mary Swaggler at 513-868-7700 Support Groups Autism Support Group- for children ages 7-12 to interact and develop relationships through activities and art. http://www.hcasg.org
There is also a support group for parents of children with Autism to meet and discuss triumphs and challenges.
Down syndrome support-
Down Syndrome Society of Greater Cincinnati offers many events for all ages of children with Down syndrome to interact and participate in music and art programs. Music Programs Melodic Connections provides modified piano and guitar lessons for children with disabilities. They also participate in a performance, which builds motor and cognitive skills and self esteem.
www.melodicconnections.org Butler County Board of Mental Health Provides assessments, counceling, and pharmacologic management services.
2100 Pleasant Ave Hamilton, OH 45015
(513) 868-1562
Comprehensive Counceling Services Provides school-based counceling,play therapy, and parent support groups.
1659S. Breiel Blvd. Middletown, OH 45044
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