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Unit 7 - Matter

No description

Keith Myer

on 13 November 2017

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Transcript of Unit 7 - Matter

What's the Matter...Do Things Keep Changing?
Unit 7 - Matter
Unit Essential Question:

How do we characterize, categorize and analyze matter in our universe?
How is matter classified by its composition?
What are physical and chemical properties of matter?
What determines whether matter has undergone a physical or chemical change
How is the state of matter determined by the motion of its particles?

Check For Understanding!!
Interactive Practice on Classification of Matter

Click on the link below.....
Unit Review in 10 minutes
This learning path supports the following....
Science Content Standards
Predict properties of elements using trends of the periodic table.
Identify properties of matter that depend on sample size.
Describe phases of matter according to the kinetic molecular theory.
Identify questions and concepts that guide scientific investigations.
Formulate and revise explanations and models using logic and evidence.
Recognize and analyze alternative explanations and models.

This presentation is intended to give students a variety of learning tools to build an understanding on how matter is classified by its composition, by its physical and chemical properties. Students will define the criteria for when matter experiences physical and chemical changes. In addition, students will investigate how each state of matter has unique properties defined by the motion and arrangement of its particles.

Let's Review..
Mr. Myer's Resources
Images obtained using the Google search within Prezi.
Flow Chart for Classifying Matter
A large majority of matter is naturally found as mixtures. Mixtures are all able to be separated by exploiting some physical property. No chemical changes need be involved, so the substances will retain their chemical identity throughout the separation process. Watch the video to gain a knowledge of various seperation techniques

To test your application of these processes, access the
Separating a Mixture Activity
by clicking on the link below.....
Self-Check Quiz
Physical and Chemical Properties
Click on the link...

The different types of matter can be distinguished through two components, composition and properties. Matter can be classified as element, compound, homogenous and/or hetergeneous mixture based on its composition. The properties of matter refer to the qualities/attributes that distinguish one sample of matter from another. These properties are generally grouped into two categories: physical or chemical.
Simulation on Physical and Chemical Changes
So What do you know???
A Physical and Chemical Changes Quiz
Check For Understanding
Review the Following...
Introducing...Solid, Liquid and Gas
Kinetic Molecular Theory
Changing States of Matter Simulation
Click on link below
For a presentation on the relationships between temperature, heat energy and changes of state
Investigate the Particulate Nature of Matter
Click on link....
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