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career clusters

No description

Charles Herndon

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of career clusters

career clusters
by Austin kemp

law public saftey, corrections and security.
lawyers advise and represent their clients during legal processes, such as negotiations and trials.
advise their clients about the law. represent their clients in the courtroom. and do research to help client in a courtroom case.
educational requirements
To become a lawyer you must first attended a four year college or a university.
skills needed
have good grades, are very good at analyzing, work well under pressure, and is a good speaker and presenter.
salery range
lawyers money range varies greatly, however it is usually somewhere inbetween 50k to 250k.
thank you for the information:)
computer software engineers often design and develop new computer programs and new operating systems. they spend a lot of time coding, programing, and debugging.
educational requirements
in order to become a computer software engineer you must first attended a 4 year college or a university.
skills needed

if you want to be a computer software engineer its a great idea to have good math and computer skills. you also have to be a good problem solver and you simply have to keep up with technology because it advances all the time.
salery range
computer software engineers usually make somewhere around
skills needed
well of course youll need to be intrested in tecnology, also to work well as a teamate to other people and its a good idea to have good math skills.
educational requirements
to become an electrical engineer, you must first attended a 4 year college or university
electrical engineers desing new electrical products, equipments and systems. electrical engineers also vist the production site and try to solve operating problems with electric systems.
salery range
electrical engineers usually make 53k to 126k as there anual salary
information tecnology
electrical engineer

an electrical engineers main job is to design or manufacture electrical equipment.
eduactional requirements
in order to go into space you must first make the grade. to become an astrounaut you must attened a 4 year college or university
skills needed
to become astrounaught its a good idea to be in good physical condidtion. also knowlege in math, science and tecnology are the key to becoming a good astronaut.
constantly undergo intense training some may poilit the shuttle, others may do spacewalks to repair satelites on the shuttle. but you dont have to go into space to be an astronaut, some astronauts provide ground support to other astronauts.
salery range
an astrounauts salery depends on what you do as an astronaught but usually thier saleries are anywhere between 65k and 142k
science, tecnology, engineering and math
astronauts are very highly trained engineers, scientist, and other experst who travel in a space shuttle far beyond earths atmosphere in hopes of discovering more about what is outside of earth.
politicans must first debate and campain to get their job. then they make new laws or make new polices or programs.
salery range
politicans suprisingly dont make that much, but then again it varies greatly on what type of politican you or and your position. politicans can make anywhere from 10k to 230k on average
skills needed
politicans should be good speakers they should be generally respectful which will make them seem like a likeable and enthusiastic person. they should also understand current problems that need fixing.
educational requirements
you dont need any type of enducation to become a politican but its generally a good idea to have some kind of a propper education.
government and public

information tecnology
computer software engineer

these engineers develop, design, and test thier created programs and tell them what to do.
politicans influince the public to gain a certain position, make important political decisions, and represent certain citizens that agree with thier point of views
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