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Career Indecision

No description

Caitlin Morin

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Career Indecision

Once I choose a major or career, I can't change my mind.

Being undecided is a sign of immaturity.

There is only one right career for me.

Someone can tell me what career path I should take.
Myth Busting

Most students (75% !) change their major at least once during college.

Being undecided is
...well-defined career goals have more to do with experience than maturity.

Over 50% of college grads are employed in areas unrelated to their academic major.

Others can help you in the planning process, but only
can determine the best career path for you.
Where do I Start?
Self assessment
is the first step of the career planning process. It involves gathering information about yourself in order to make an informed career decision. This includes...
Self Assessment
Values: The things that are important to you, like achievement, financial status, and autonomy

Interests: What you enjoy doing, such as playing golf, taking long walks, hanging out with friends

Personality: A person's individual traits, motivational drives, needs, and attitudes

Skills: The activities you are good at, such as writing, web design, teaching

Next, do some research
...on career fields or specific jobs you feel pulled toward or have experience in. Remember the O’s:

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)
A career encyclopedia that offers info on earnings and projections for about 250 occupations. It also gives educational, training and experience requirements, and information about advancement opportunities.

O*Net Online
This interactive tool covers an extensive number of occupations and gives detailed descriptions of work duties.

Both of these resources are online and free to explore!
In this economy...
69% of students report high levels of financial stress
72% say the economy affects their career choices
86% report financial aid is "very necessary“ *

It's important to explore...

Which industries employ people in the occupation I’m interested
in? Which industries are continuing to grow?

Will there be opportunities in the field after I complete the
required education or training?

Where will I be able to find a job? How much will I earn?

Career Indecision
Career Myths
What now?
Don't be afraid to not choose for a while. Use that time to take a
variety of classes. Find out what catches your interest and energy.

Let yourself change your mind as you get more information.

Step back from what others have told you about THEIR vision for your life, and create your OWN picture of your future.

Use the many campus resources available to you!

*2011 College Hopes & Worries Survey

HSU Career Resources
Center for Service Learning and Academic Internships
Gist Hall Room 122 / 707.826.4963

Career Center
Nelson Hall West 130 / 707.826.5217

Advising Center
SBS 295 / 707.826.5224

Counseling & Psychological Services
Student Health Center / 707.826.3236
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