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revenue management

No description

manon van der loo

on 16 April 2012

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Transcript of revenue management

How can
Bilderberg apply
revenue management to
guarantee the best result for
the cluster while maintaining
the hotel's individual
performance? Cluttered positions repositioning "We believe that gaining such rational
control of distribution will improve customer
satisfaction while discouraging customers
from basing purchase decisions on price only." on consistent rates G. Thomson & A. Failmezger Why customers shop around. (Cornell University) Guest perspective
on current situation What to do? 1. Apply right pricing
to reposition hotels 2. Communicate a clear message
to support repositioning 3. Optimize own website booking
tool to generate more bookings 4. Maintain price-parity on
all 3rd party websites Communicate at "home"
feeling Communicate luxurious,
"better" than home The number of price levels
in the cluster has increased
offering multiple prices
to the different segments. Make sure not to loose any single
customer who browses your website. Educate customers, why booking
directly is beneficial for them. Educate guests on RM to
improve their fairness perception
and buying behavior. Today Future Benefits Thank you for your precious time!!!! The agenda:
Who we are?
Current situation
Ideal perspective
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