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No description

Sven Klomberg

on 17 October 2010

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Transcript of LLiNK

the objective of this study main questions that need to be answered? what is the current identity of LLiNK?
what is the desired indentity of LLiNK?
which environmental factors play a role in dutch public broadcasting?
What is wrong with the image of LLiNK?
What steps should be taken to improve it?
What would be the best concept for solving LLiNK's problems? LLiNK's identity core values SWOT analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats 150000 cultural creatives LLiNK's forcefield no no yes yes same interest mutual trust enemies allies opponents friends target groups tolerant cosmopolitan
cultural creatives Visitation Committee increase the internet coverage low action perspective crossmedia objectives not being fulfilled image of LLiNK financial problems
default of payment
not enough journalism trends and developments crowdsourcing social media tv on demand multi tasking climate change community involvement Location based services the concept my little grow tree a game that can be played on social media websites and your cellphone
it takes one minute a day
name your tree
invite friends to form subgroups
winners get invited by LLiNk to plant their tree in real life how to win? 1. supply your tree with water, love and sun. 2. find the right combination of sun, water and love
at the right time each day. 3. let your tree grow as tall and healthy as you can
and win your own tree in Holland. 4. the game takes one minute a day to
supply your tree with all ingredients 5. when you fail to supply your tree your ranking
will drop. the LLiNK website offers an oppertunity to embed the game. terms & rules. information about the game and prizes. ranking of the trees. a possibility to send messages to other members. usefull tips for an environmentally friendly life. promotion costs a video update which contains further information about the trees and locations where they will be planted. planning 1 May - 7 May hyves advertisments online
13 May - 19 May second advertisments online
14 Aug the trees are planted
21 Aug documentary will be broadcasted online and on tv a possibility to upload pictures and videos which contain news items about the environment. samba
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