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The Professional Lifes of

No description


on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of The Professional Lifes of

2nd president
The famous ones
The serious ones
The funny ones
George Washington
Married to:
Martha Skelton
John Adams was the 2nd president. He was a democratic and republican. The state he represented was Massachusetts. Adams was the first president to live in the White house.
George was president from 1789-1797. The vice president was John Adams (and wow did he go far!) That was a very very long time ago! He was the first president.`
Washington wasn't a republican, democratic, nothing! They didn't have political party's like that back then.
Washington was married to the first lady, Martha Custis. He was the state representative for Virginia. He lived 1732-1799. He is called "The father of our country.
Barack Obama II
Grover was a democrat. He was married to Frances Folsom
Grover used to be a governor for New York. He lived from 1833-1901
The Professional lives of

The presidents
John Adams
First African-American president
Obama is married to Michelle Robinson. He has 2 children. He is Democratic
2009 Nobel peace prize
Obama was born in 1961. His state representative is Ilinois
Grover Cleveland
Cleveland's state is New York.
Cool pics of Grover
Lets look at.....
Video time!
1rst president
by:Elle Marshall

Most information from "Presidents of the United States."
Obama is the current president of USA.
Now president
Grover time!
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