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Civil WAR part 1

Civil war and nc

Shivar Person

on 18 July 2018

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Transcript of Civil WAR part 1

North Carolina
and the Civil War
NC had few large plantations
War breaks out April 12, 1861
Ft. Sumter surrounded by confederates (Charleston)
1st battle of Civil War
Lincoln will issue the Emancipation Proclamation Jan. 1, 1863
Union Strategy
- NC undecided on what side to join
- NC waited on Lincoln's decisions
- By March of 1861 7 states had formed the Confederate States of America
- Jefferson Davis is elected President
1. Seize the Mississippi River
2. Blockades would split the confederacy
3. "Anaconda Plan"
The Early Years
Who had the better advantage?
CSS Neuse
Powerful Ironclads
CSS Hunley
Union invaded New Bern, Beaufort and Plymouth
Break up blockades with swift raiders
- NC coast not a high priority for CSA
Amire az 1% konkrétan ment,
hogy az előzőek mind létrejöhessenek:
3 teljes állású alkalmazott
(akik nélkül ki tudja, hol lennénk:) !!!
az oktatóközpont fenntartása, karbantartása
önkénteseink költségeinek részbeni térítése
(utazás, szállás, étkezés)
egyesületi iroda fenntartása
Mire ment el?
Freed slaves in CSA
Why did he do it?
1. Union Generals were already freeing slaves
2. Republicans wanted a war on slavery
3. Great Britain would support US if slaves were free
Population advantage North
population: North 22 mil.
Union had more industrial aspects
- 110,000 factories
- 22,000 RR miles
North had a gov't
- South fought war in own backyard
- Better fighting spirit
Confederate Generals were better
Robert E. Lee
Stonewall Jackson
P.G.T. Beauregard
George Picket
James Longstreet
Jeb Stuart
Nathan Bedford Forrest
Union Generals
Ulysses S. Grant
William T. Sherman
George Meade
George McClellan
4. Sherman's March to the sea
Confederate Strategy
5. Prevent Europe from helping CSA
and submarines
CSS Hunley
CSS Neuse
Union Freed Blacks across NC
NC Colored Volunteers
- 1st black regiment

5,000 African Americans fought for NC
200,000 fought for Union
By 1861 Union had control of OBX
Seized Roanoke Island to New Bern in 1862
Gen. Ambrose Burnside
- Ordinary farmers hurt by WAR and conscription
- Wealthy planters can hire a substitute
- "A rich man's war, and poor man's fight"
Conscription Act of 1862
- Healthy men 18-35 required to fight
Lincoln will suspend
Writ of Habeas Corpus
War Time Politics
William Holden
wanted political power: Editor of the "North Carolina Standard"
NC wanted a 2 party system
- Conservatives (Whigs)
- Confederates (Southern Dems.)
conservative Party: appeal to unionists and Former Whigs
- NC had little influence in CSA politics
Zebulon Vance wins election
Campaigned through newspaper
Vance openly rejected secession
NC only state to do so
FIRST At Bethel,
FARTHEST at Getteysburg,
LAST to surrender at Appomattox
NC Politics
- NC Gov. Ellis, a secessionist, angered by Lincoln
- Believed it led to the subjugation of the South
- He seized the ports, mint, and arsenals
NC Secedes
- Many lied about age to fight in war
- The issue of State's rights and Southern loyalties main focus
- May 20, 1861 NC unanimously voted to secede
- Zebulon Vance strong voice against secession
-Life was a struggle for NC families
-Blockades made everything more expensive
- Women began working in fields
- women on farms had it worse than in cities
- Nursing became a new profession as did teaching
- Many soldiers began deserting the Army
- More soldiers provided than any CSA state
- More deserters than any CSA state
- Quakers helped deserters escape
- Draft Resister never showed up to fight
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