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open source templates for longform

No description

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of open source templates for longform

Building Open Source Templates for Longform

Goals of this session
Examples of Longform Storytelling
In Small Groups
Limitations and Other Considerations
Existing tools/approaches/best practices for longform narrative storytelling
Tools you’ve used. What you liked/didn’t like.

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
What is needed to make rich storytelling available to small and mid-sized newsrooms?
Take these from idea to action
Long Scroll
New York Times - Snowfall
Guardian - England vs. Australia
Choose Your Own Adventure
Prairie Public Media - Black Gold Boom
Zeega - zeega.com
Dig Deeper
WBUR - Bulger on Trial
Creatavist - creatavist.com
Multimedia Overkill
There is such a thing as too much rich media
Consider the narrative!
Performance Considerations
Load time
Mobile experience
Rich media shouldn't get in the way.
Conventions exist for a reason.
Favorite examples of longform digital storytelling. What works and why?

What is keeping you from doing more rich multimedia stories?

What tools are needed?

What expertise are you willing to share?

Adam Schweigert @aschweig - Investigative News Network @INN
Jessica Plautz @jessicaplautz - Skift @skift
Project Largo (largoproject.org)
WordPress framework tailored to news applications.
Goal: put powerful publishing tools into the hands of small to mid-sized publishers.
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