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LabSim 9.5: Remote Desktops

Look above.

Christian Garcia

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of LabSim 9.5: Remote Desktops

Finally Blank space because I have
nothing to put here. But aesthetically
it makes everything
look whole. Which versions of Windows support a guest Remote Desktop connection? A host Remote Desktop connection? Labsim 9.5: Remote Desktop Client side version of Remote Desktop is bundled with XP and later but for OS's beforehand you can manually install the programs necessary.
The host must be using XP or higher however only the Pro, Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions apply to this.
Which port must be opened to allow Remote Desktop to run through the firewall? Port 3389 most be opened for Remote Desktop to be able to gain access to a computer using the client of Remote Desktop. What are the different ways you can send a Remote Assistance invitation? As someone trying to connect to or from a Remote Desktop session you can either send a request through Windows Messenger, (Ask for Remote Assistance) an e-mail through Help and Support tools, or by sending a file and then loading it on another through any method. How does printer redirection work in Remote Desktop? In Remote Desktop while using another persons computer, the "remote" computers devices and their actions are all transferred over to the "host" computer.
Printing jobs are sent to the host computer to perform, audio is directed towards host speakers and Remote Desktop allows for file transfer from remote computer to the host.
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