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Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, and Online Journalism

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Alex Trezise

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, and Online Journalism

Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, and Online Journalism
Community- what is it?
A community is a group of people that live together or share a common interest.
E.g. A classroom of Journalism students
The commons are the cultural and natural resources that are accessible to all members of society.
E.g. Air, water, streets, creative commons photographs and the internet.
The commons
A process that involves outsourcing tasks to a distributed group of people.
E.g. Wikipedia, twitter, trip adviser.
Kickstarter is one of the most well known crowdfunding platforms, having raised 540 million dollars from 3.9 million people.
Social media platforms such as Facebook facilitate the creation and growth of many communities. This occurs through groups, events and pages people like.
- Important to protect them so they can be enjoyed by future generations.
- They are are often taken for granted until they are threatened.
The collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.
E.g. Kickstarter, Crowdrise and Pledgemusic
- Many small financial contributions add up
- Creates communities of contributors
- People feel apart of the project they contribute to
Projects about films, games, music, art, design, and technology
All or nothing funding, if they don´t reach their goal, launchers don´t get anything
44% of projects have reached their goal
Wikipedia is an example where many people from different places contribute to the common task of creating/improving a source of information
Crowdrise is a crowdfunding project that specializes more on dealing with real world issues than fueling profitable creativity. They fund for animal welfare, arts, cultures, diseases, education, and even religion.
- Platform for donation rather than investment
- Can raise money for personal reasons such as weddings, birthdays etc.

Crowdfunding Projects
Project 1: Safe
Crowdfunding platform aimed at bringing new talent into the music industry. New artists get use platform for funding and publicity. Contributors to projects get rewards, the more the funding the better the reward.
Photography project using Kickstarter
Project 2: I.H.O.P.E
(I Help Other People Eat campaign)
- Platform: Crowdrise
- Charity that provides healthy, nutritious food to less fortunate in the community
- Raises awareness about hunger in the community
Project 3: Jumoké Fashola
- Platform: PledgeMusic
-African soul, blues and jazz singer hoping to release her debut album
- Needing funds for production and publicity
- Offering rewards and exclusives for contributions
Claiming Our voice
A documentary film using Kickstarter
Mission and Goals
Specifically it´s mission is to share the stories of Andolan, a Queens-based workers center founded and led by female South Asian immigrant domestic workers as a means to support each other and collectively organize against exploitative work conditions.
This journalistic project is drawing on the support of the public to raise money to create and release a documentary raising awareness for women.
Strategies and tools
- On the project´s Kickstarter page, there are links to Facebook and Twitter where people can share the page
- Video featured on the webpage giving a description and short preview of project
- Video and description designed to evoke emotional response from reader/viewer, encouraging donations.
- Message in description that even if you can´t donate, please share this project with friends.
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