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2018 KP 6th Grade Orientation

Family Presentation for 2016-2017 incoming 6th Grade Students

on 27 March 2018

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Transcript of 2018 KP 6th Grade Orientation

Elementary schools visit KP
Counselors meet with 5th grade teachers

Parent/Caregiver Middle School Boot Camp:
Preparing for the Journey to the Middle
(May 29)

Team Assignment Mailing & PTO End of Summer Blast
(mid Aug)
W.E.B Program 6th Grade Orientation
(Aug 27th)
Transition Activities

Stay Connected to the School
Join the KP PTO
KP website -http://kingphilip.whps.org/
“KP Connection” (Weekly) - https://www.smore.com/vhgat-kp-connection
KP Twitter Account - https://twitter.com/KPWHPS
KP Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kpwhps/
Flyer Day (Thursdays as needed)
Be Aware of Your Child's Progress
Parent Portal (Power School)
Progress Reports/Report Cards
Team and Teacher Blogs http://kingphilip.whps.org/page.cfm?p=774
Parent Conferences (fall and spring)
Phone Calls and E-mails any time
Individual and Team Conferences as needed/requested
Be a Part of a Community
Family Events (skate night, movie nights, bowling league)
Parent/Caregiver Workshops
Creating Effective Partnerships
Know where their classes are located
Be able to open a locker
Become familiar with cafeteria routines
Form new friendships
Learn about KP’s expectations & procedures
Be part of a new team

After the first day at KP students will:
The First Day
Remain with one team teacher all day,
except for Unified Arts classes and lunch.
Introductions & team-building activities
- Building Tour
- Locker practice
- Schedule Overview
- Review of expectations
Fosters a key relationship with an adult
Establishes a climate of trust/support
Focuses on character education, relationship and team building
Sets the tone for community building & a positive school climate
Offers parent/caregiver an initial point of contact for general school questions

We welcome you to
the King Philip Family … and look forward to seeing you in August.

Daily Feedback
Positive Post Cards
“Character Counts” Recognition
Student of the Month
Honor Roll
Student Recognition & Student Support
Character Counts at KP!
How did you do on the KP Quiz?
Let’s Pick a Winner …
*Subject to change based on student interest & funding
Mock Trial
Book Club (skype with the author)
Kidz Lit Quiz Team
Science Club
VEX Robotics Club/Technology Student Association (TSA)
Sixth Grade Events
Select Musical Groups
Beaux Strings, KP Singers, Jazz Band

INTRAMURALS (drop in and play)
PLAE (2x a wk 6:40am), Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer, Minecraft, Basketball, Tchoukball, Dance Team, Cardio Kickboxing, etc.
How did you do on the KP Quiz?
Let’s Pick a Winner …
Fosters an environment of communication, caring and unity
A Team Philosophy…
How did you do on the KP Quiz?
Let’s Pick a Winner …
How did you do on the KP Quiz?
How did you do on the KP Quiz?
How did you do on the KP Quiz?
Question #3 Which three gemstones represent the 6th grade teams?

How did you do on the KP Quiz?
How did you do on the KP Official Quiz?
Let’s Pick a Winner …
Realizing Student Potential
Rigorous & Relevant Curriculum
High Expectations for all Learners
Dynamic Teaching
Focus on the whole child
(focus on character education and social emotional learning)
Charter Oak
Whiting Lane
Other schools


A Team Philosophy…
Social Workers
Teaching Assistants
Community Resource Officer
Office Staff
Nutrition Services
Custodial Staff
Security Officers

King Philip Community of Support for Students
Learning Lab OR
-One Binder (easy organization of work)
7:40 AM – 2:50 PM
Morning Advisory + 9 periods
Language Arts
Social Studies
World Language
A Typical Day
Question #4

How many administrators (principal & assistant principals) are there at King Philip?
How did you do on the KP Quiz?
Question #4
How many administrators (principal and assistant principals) are there at King Philip?
Answer to Question #4
Answer to Question #6
UA stands
for Unified Arts: The rotation includes Tech Eng, Health, PE, Music, Art
Question #6:
What does UA stand for?

Answer to Question #7
Elementary schools visit KP
Counselors meet with 5th grade teachers

Moving to the Middle: Preparing for the Journey to Middle - Parent/Caregiver Night
Team Assignment Mailing PTO End of Summer Blast
W.E.B Program 6th Grade Orientation
Creates smaller schools
Enhances personal relationships among students, teachers and parents
Physical Education
Technology Education
Five Academics:
Two Unified Arts:
Meet teachers in the auditorium, sit by team
Spring Orientation...
You have started the process tonight !
It starts with communication
Please join us for refreshments and conversation in the large cafeteria.
Clear Paths.
Bright Futures.
No Limits.
After School Activities & Supports
KP WEB (Where Everyone Belongs)
quality transition program
that provides a strategic, fun filled, mentor-rich transition to KP for 6th grade students.

structured leadership program
for (50-60) 8th grade students to support 6th grade students and promote a climate of collaboration, respect and kindness throughout the year through our advisory program. This supports our character traits of fostering respectful, responsible, citizens.

A program that will
provide vertical alignment
with the transition program at our feeder high school --Hall's Link Crew
Strategic Transition
Tickets to KP's
6th Grade
Orientation Night

Question #7

Name 2 future transition activities.

Answer to Question #3

The grade 6 teams are:
Answer to Question #4

There are 3
Question #1 What is the school's motto or theme?

How did you do on the KP Quiz?
Answer to Question #1
Character Counts !
Question #2
Answer to Question #2
Postcards, character counts, student of the month, honor roll ...

What are at least two ways students are recognized at KP?

MA Morning Advisory
Per 1
Technology Education

Per 2

Language Arts
Per 3
Per 4
World language/support class
Per 5
Per 6
Per 7

Per 8 Learning Lab
Per 9
Social Studies
7:40 – 7:55 Arrival (breakfast available)
7:55 – 8:00 Music (transition to MA)
An Example of a Schedule:

Color Run
For additional questions/information, Please contact our office.
Big Rock #1: Student Success
Equip students with the tools necessary to demonstrate 21st century knowledge skills.
Big Rock #2: Staff Wellness
Support personal and professional wellness for staff by encouraging unity and professional growth.

Big Rock #3 Community Engagement
Foster a sense of community that enriches the experience of middle school students by building relationships among the students, staff, families, and the community.
Why Emotions Matter For Schools:

Emotions influence memory and learning
Emotions influence decision making
Emotions influence physical and mental health (well-being)
Emotions influence the quality of our relationships
Emotion influence creativity
Partnership with Yale to promote student growth and well-being by enhancing the social and emotional skills of students, and the adults involved in their education.

If we want our students to be successful in school and in their careers, these are the skills that will give them an advantage.
Tonight's goal:
To give you a sense of what KP values and what you can expect when you join our community!
The King Philip Mission is anchored in the District's Mission:
To inspire and prepare all students to realize their potential and enhance our global community.
Based on our Big Rocks

Homework Center
Saturday Academy
Math & Reading Intervention
Student Success Team
A Community of “GEMS”
What's Next?
Question #5 Name 3 before or after school activities available at KP?

How did you do on the KP Quiz?
Answer to Question #5

So many options
Bonus: What are their names?

Bonus: What is RULER?

How did you do on the KP Quiz?
Let’s Pick a Winner …
End of Summer Blast
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