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Occupational Research Prezi

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Anna Beth Barclay

on 1 September 2017

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Transcript of Occupational Research Prezi

Occupational Research Prezi
The hourly wage for a neonatal nurse is $30.36. The yearly salary is $107,000.
Neonatal refers to the first 28 days of a babies life, although they are often sick for several months.
What do people in this career do?
Neonatal nurses focus on the care of newborn infants. They may care for healthy infants or provide focused care on premature or ill newborns.
What is the work environment like?
These nurses work in hospitals and neonatal intensive care units (NICU).
The nursing field is expected to have a growth rate of 31% by the year of 2022.
There are about 40,000 low-birth-weight infants born annually in the United States. Because of significant medical advances, survival rates are now ten times higher than they were 15 years ago.
What kind of education or training is needed?
A neonatal nurse must be an RN with a four year Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree.
Neonatal Nursing
By: Anna Beth Barclay
What do people in this career do?
Neonatal nursing generally deals with infants who experience birth defects shortly after birth.
Emotional Stability
Neonatal nurses must be able to think quick in emergency situations and be able to keep their emotions under control in order to provide quick and effective treatment and care.
Neonatal nurses will always be in need because without them, there would be no one to properly take care of ill newborns.
There are three levels in neonatal nursing. Level 1 is dealing with healthy newborns. Level 2 is dealing with premature or ill newborns. Level 3 is working in the NICU.
Taking care on infants
Caring for these infants means treating them when they are ill, attend deliveries, bathe them, and monitor their health.
Neonatal nursing has been around since 1970. It is said to go up 22% between 20080-2018.
You can work with a 2 year degree before you are admitted into the graduate program (4 years). You must also pass the National Counsel License Examination in order to receive your nursing license.
Work Hours
Neonatal nurses typically work 8 hour shifts although they could also work 10-12 hour shifts depending on the situation.
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