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The Middle East

No description

Erica Carbaugh

on 18 December 2017

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Transcript of The Middle East

Creation of a Jewish State
Creation of the Jewish State
The U.S. Gets Involved
Persian Gulf War
America's Influence
Jewish people trace their religious ancestry to the lands of Israel.
After WWI this "holy" land was given to Britain as part of the Treaty of Versailles to rule as a colony.
Arabs/Palestinians have already been living in the land for centuries, and now under Britain's rule Jews begin to immigrate to the land.
The Arabs opposed this migration and conflicts between the two groups begin.
After WWII it became even more of an important place for the Jewish people.
Yet the problem remained, two very different cultures claimed the same land!
After Vietnam, the Cold War continued until 1990 after the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the reopening of East Germany to the world.
With the Cold War over, Americans shifted their attentions to the Middle East.
If Iraq conquered Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, it would control 1/2 of the world's oil supply and threaten the U.S.'s supply of oil.
They could cripple the U.S. economy, something had to be done!!
1947- The United Nations divided the land into 2 sections to promote peace within the region.
56% of the land belonged to the Jewish people
44% belonged to the Arab communities
This separation percentage angered many because the population was 60% Arab and 40% Jewish.
1948- Israel is officially created as its own nation!
The U.S. and the Soviet Union recognize the nation and begin making trade and treaty agreements.
Yet the official creation only caused problems for the people of Israel. Conflicts increased and fighting between the two groups still goes on today.
In the 1980s, Saddam Hussein was at war with Iran.
He had huge war debts and did not know how to pay them back so he looked to the little country at his border, Kuwait!
Kuwait was tiny, but it had lots of oil and Saddam had tried to take Kuwait twice before!
August 2, 1990- Saddam invades Kuwait again this time he is headed towards Saudi Arabia's oil fields.
This got America's attention..... why??
Most of the Middle Eastern people are Arab, yet the U.S. supports the Jews and considers Israel a very close ally!
Having Israel as an ally made many of the Middle Eastern nations our enemy!
How did America get involved?

Middle East
Persian Gulf
The Middle East
Operation Desert Storm
President Bush Sr. worked to organize a coalition- a group against Iraq called Operation Desert Storm.
When Congress approves his coalition troops are sent to overseas.
Their plan is to liberate (free) Kuwait from Iraq
January 16, 1991- major bombing and air strikes begin.
Saddam retaliates with SCUD missiles!
Desert Storm Continued...
February 23rd- Ground invasion begins and lasts until February 28th.
A cease-fire is announced; the war ends- Iraq is pushed out of Kuwait.
The downfall was when Saddam realized he was loosing he set Kuwait's oil fields on fire to prove a point.
The Results:
Less than 400 American causalities total.
Iraq suffered 100,000 deaths, many under the age of 5- due to an outbreak of disease.
U.S. continues to have bases in Saudi Arabia- this constant U.S. presence ticks off Osama Bin Laden because he hates the Americans being in his "holy land"
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