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21st Century Learning Environments


Chris Clancy

on 11 June 2010

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Transcript of 21st Century Learning Environments

21st Century
Learning Environments
What do they look like?
What is the toolkit for
these classrooms?
What technologies are available?
Computing Devices
Other ideas?
Can we do ALL of this?
Rise of an Idea
Discussions at curriculum meetings about a classroom built on the development of 21st century skills
Testing out environments as “co-labs” in WHBI and QMS
Impact of environments on our special education population
Writing a NYS Grant
Met with Mr. Huntley to present grant
Decision to use ARRA funds to create four classrooms in the high school
What is a 21st Century Learning Environment?
Built on the foundation of 3 major components
Project Based Learning (PBL)
Instructional Technology
Professional Learning Communities
How were teachers selected?
Letter and application sent to all teachers in August
Nine applications submitted
Every teacher was interviewed by committee in September
Final candidates chosen
Our First Year Cohort
Dan Anderson (Math)
Marnie DeJohn (Science)
Adam Orr (English)
Mary Tully/Maria Custer/Liz Daley (SS/ELA/SpEd)
What classes will be attached to these environments?
Advanced Regents Chem
New science STEM course
Global RM 9
English RM 9
Latin American Studies
Geometry R
Applied and Consumer Math
English RM 11
English 11 R
Sports Lit
Global Ethics
Professional Development
Constant, ongoing effort
EdTech is a consistent presence
Used a variety of book, articles, websites, online communities, web presentations, and “home grown” materials
2009-10 Professional Development
Introduction to Project Based Learning and PBL Handbook
Professional Learning Communities conference
Technology in the classroom discussion
Visitation to Tech Valley High
Discussion of site visit
and PBL
Examination of
technology systems
to build a
PBL classroom
Rubric development;
discussion of unit planning
and 21st century
learning outcomes
21st Century
Learning Outcome
Summer 2010 Professional Development
Summer Curriculum Development and Writing
Training on Web-based technology systems for classrooms
Unit planning
Rubric development
Share instructional strategies and best practices in the PLC
2010-2011 Proposed PD Schedule
Book study
Rubric review and revision
Curriculum development
IT Tools and strategies
Collaborative planning and sharing
Working with Year 2 Cohort
Data analysis
What is the future?
Year 2 Cohort and further horizontal expansion
Vertical expansion
Analysis of special education data
Use of standardized 21st Century Skills Assessment
(i.e. College and Work Readiness Assessment)
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