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AHA -- General BG Prezi of areas taught

A general overview of the year ahead

Eric Allen

on 4 January 2015

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Transcript of AHA -- General BG Prezi of areas taught

As always, there will be typing.
...And lots of it. In fact the same '10 below' rule is still in effect You know the one: by year's
end everyone types 10 wpm
below their grade x 10.

So for you mighty 8th graders,
that means 70 WPM! Character Is What Happens...
Anonymous Dishonesty
iTunes vs. Limewire (Ethics vs. Illegality)
Privacy & Piracy
Cultural Implications Ethics & Safety Catholic teaching regarding conscious thievery
Creative Commons
Fairness and Truth Remember this structure? What about the movie? This year we'll finish all the terms
we didn't get to learn about last year. Exploring Web 2.0 & still more vocabulary and acronyms. Remember Professor Wesch's movie? You'll find a cleaner version (and several other great
movies) on his page at: http://mediatedcultures.net/mediatedculture.htm Review:
Main kinds/names
What they do
How to avoid them
Who's more vulnerable, people or machines? ...Why? Microsoft Office:
Remember all the programs in the suite?
We'll again be working mostly with
PowerPoint, Excel, & of course Word But MS Word is only the most familiar
word processor. There are many more.
Do you remember their names?
Did you get to work with any of them
over the summer? There are countless
graphics editors. Let's
make a list of ten of them. For our work, we'll
be using (mostly) Gimp,
although others are welcome
outside of class (just ask me
if you have any questions.) Review:
Where do computers come from?
How did they get to the machines we know today?
Who were the pioneers? What were the obstacles?
What the heck is binary code? (Would you want a
vocabulary with only two words?)
And of course, what is the Antikythera mechanism
...and why won't Mr. Allen stop talking about it?
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