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The Dust Bowl "Okies"

When the huge dust storms began to happen more and more people realized they had nothing left to do. Some people began to leave California and move to Oklahoma. This migraters were called "Okies."

Secilia Perez

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of The Dust Bowl "Okies"

Okie Stock Market Buying On Margin Black Tuesday The Crash Unemployment Great Depression Hoovervilles Dust Bowl Bonus Army New Deal Hoover Homeless/Poverty Shares/Stock Money Investments Rich Poor
Many families lived in poverty after the huge dust storms began to happen.Some didn't want to move and leave their farms behind,but some actually cared for their families health.Those few began to move from Oklahoma to California.As people moved when they arrived Californians nicknamed "Okies." During the big dust storms so many houses were being destroyed that many were left with just scraps of what they use to own. Many were lucky to still have enough money to eat and a place to live. Some did not even have decent clothing and a healthy environment to live in! This families were considered poor. :( Back in the 1920's the stock market was almost considered the second home of many citizens! The stock market was where people went to invest on booming company's. They either got richer or lost what they invested. The stock market was a loud crazy argument between many people trying to invest on the same company! Buying on Margin was an option given to investors to purchase a stock for only a fraction of the price. It was usually a fraction of either 10%-50%.
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