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Avowed & Ascribed Identity

No description

Brittany Ann

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Avowed & Ascribed Identity

Avowed & Ascribed Identity
Avowed: we try to fit ourselves into our idea of what is allowed and expected of the identities we envision for ourselves
Ascribed: the process of having an identity assigned to you by others (something given rather than achieved)
Sometimes your avowed identity will match up with the identities people ascribe to you, but not always. Sometimes there is more to a person than we ascribe to them...
Avowal vs. Ascription

Which identity do you think has more of an influence on your daily life? Why?

The Kardashians
The Royal Baby
Avowal vs. Ascription
In what situations would your avowed identity become more prominent? Ascribed?
Have you ever noticed yourself ascribing a certain identity to someone you didn't even know? If so, what factors played into this ascription?
Have you ever been ascribed an identity that surprised you?
Paris Hilton
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