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The Chihuahuan Desert Biome

No description

Hope Chellman

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of The Chihuahuan Desert Biome

Where is it located? In Texas, El paso also in the Chihuahuan desert. Whats the weather like? Mostly in the 70 with winds 15 to 20 miles an hour. The season is summer almost all the time. Rainfall is very little. What animals and decomposers are in Chihuahuah desert ? What plants are in the Chihuahuan desert? The ocotillo grows root that get nutrients from the soil. They also have lots of spines to protect them. The desert sumac has small leaves, most of the time it has berries , but at times can bloom. Certain kinds can be poisonous. The hedgehog cactus has a long tube like root that gets water and nutrients, it also has many spines to protect it self ,and also stores water. The apache plume has small leaves, blooms at times. It has also adapted to dry soil, can have massive root systems, and has seeds thta birds like. What is the soil like? Dry ,very has very little rain fall so the soil is dry. Most of it is sand. The chihuahuan desert coyote niche is to eat lower level consumers they can be found in the chihuahaun desert. The merriam kangaroo rat- This animal niche is to eat various seeds ,and to be eaten by other animals, possibly to spread seeds thru eating it. It can be found in the chihuahuan desert. The decomposers are soil bacteria and fungus what are the predator and prey relationships? Coyote and jackalope one is prey and one is predator. Or one is first level consumer and one is second level. Here the jackalope is used for food and the coyote eats it for food what are the cycles? The first cycle is the water cycle most of the water comes from the plant and goes in the air and comes back down as rain. The second cycle is the nitrogen cycle , nitrogen comes from dead animals and plant the and lighting . Are their other names for this biome? Yes like chihuahua it is from a Mexican tribe. What makes my biome different, is that it has very little water but it is full of life. It also has a very different climate. But it is very pretty. The Chihuahuan dessert
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