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That Shrinking Feeling!

No description

Ben Massey

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of That Shrinking Feeling!

First off, can you remember what's going to happen in this lesson?

That's right! I'm going to shrink you and then you'll come face-to-face with this chap!
Just in case anyone doesn't believe me, I've brought some proof!
There are loads of things in the classroom to help us to write the perfect description!
Is she right?
One thing that will help us is the ant paragraph we learned yesterday.
Let's talk!
To improve our writing today, we're going to learn how to use
powerful verbs
But what on Earth
powerful verb?!
is the 'engine' of the sentence. It's what happens.
The cat
The ant
Two gleaming compound eyes looked angrily down from the ant’s armoured head. Snapping viciously, its deadly mandibles bit through the thick blades of grass as it came towards me. Suddenly, a thorny leg landed on the earth at my feet. I moved aside as a claw came past my head.
We know our learning intention is to use powerful verbs, so there’s no point in thinking about other Success Criteria.

Powerful verbs (
crawled, pounced, creeping...
Adjectives (
enormous, terrifying...
Adverbs (
quietly, powerfully...
Similes (
as fast as...
A variety of sentence openers
Conjunctions (
and, but, while, which, because, as...
Topic words (
jaws, pedipalps...
Past tense (
, they
, it
, it

Purple Challenge:
(And anyone else who feels confident!)
Can you start one or two sentences with a powerful 'ing' verb?
Do you agree or disagree?
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