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Stages of the Water Cycle

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on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of Stages of the Water Cycle

You might wonder what the water cycle is and what it does. Well it is the day that we will tell you what that is,so sit back and relax and let the presentation begin.
Can the water cycle
begin at any stage?

Well yes it can! One reason why it can because it has no start and no finish.
For example: it can start at ground water
and goes to evaporation.
Another reason it can because it is a cycle
that has a rotation that is impossible to break.
For example: a circle. It can start at any point and it can't stop.
Fun Facts
1. did you know water makes up 83% of our blood, 70% of our brains, and 90% of our lungs overall, bodies are 70% water.
Importance of water conservation
Water conservation: is ways that you can save water.
For example:don't go to car wash or wash your car to long.Also don't take a two hour shower.Don't drink to much water because then you might what to go to the restroom ever five minutes.
When the heat makes the water from rivers, streams, or ocean to go to he sky and forms a cloud.
condensation is water vapor that is in the clouds cools down to become water again, it also transforms water from liquid into a gas, to process which goes to the atmosphere.
Stages of the Water Cycle

By: Nataly, Amilcar, Narciso, Jesus

How does water change each day?
Since we are in a drought if we waste water and get less. Also we learned
about the 6 stages in the water cycle,
like evaporation, condensation, precipitation, transpiration, run off, and

What we Used
Since we need to get information we use something to help us you used, our Ipad.We used our online research paper to help us understand what the water cycle is and how it works.
Did you know that 75% s made of water and 25% is

3. 97% Earths water is in the ocean
4. Did you know without water the Earth
will look like the moon
Precipitation is when water comes
from clouds it can be rain but not only
that, it can be hail sleet rain or snow.
transpiration is when plants
release water vapor through
leaf pores called stomata.
ground water is when some precipitation falls on land, and it soaks on the ground and becomes groundwater. Then plants suck the water with the roots, and then it becomes transpiration.
runoff is streams, rivers, and like
transport water from land to the ocean. If too much rainfall it can cause floods, or runoff.
site pages
- K12.org



thank you for listen and paying attention to our prezi. :)
!Have a nice day !
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