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Vendor Presentation - English (EU UN-Procurement Seminar Offline version)

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by FAO CSAP on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Vendor Presentation - English (EU UN-Procurement Seminar Offline version)

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Achieve a food-secure world by raising levels of nutrition, improving agricultural productivity, bettering the lives of rural populations and contributing to the growth of the world economy. MANDATE Established in 1945 to lead international efforts to eliminate hunger FAO PROCUREMENT
OBJECTIVES FAO procurement is based on the fundamental principles of: Fairness Best value for money Transparency Economy Effectiveness DECENTRALIZED OFFICES • 5 Regional Offices
• 11 Sub-regional Offices
• 5 Liaison Offices
• 75 FAO Representations Decentralized offices have a procurement authority ranging from
USD 100,000 to USD 500,000. Chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides)

Agricultural produce (seeds, crop, vegetable, seedlings, plantlets)

Special purpose machinery (agricultural machinery, tractors, spraying devices, irrigation equipment)

Office and IT equipment

Medical appliances, precision and optical instruments (laboratory equipment)

Veterinary pharmaceutical products and
vaccines, live animals and animal feed Small scale construction (laboratories, irrigation, milk processing, etc.)
Information dissemination activities
Information technology
Transportation, storage and materials handling
Technical studies
Inspection services, surveys and studies
Building infrastructure and maintenance
Aerial Spraying and Surveying (locust) GOODS MOST FREQUENTLY PROCURED... SERVICES ADDITIONAL OBJECTIVES: ©FAO/Paballo Thekiso Encourage developing and emerging economies and support capacity building in beneficiary countries while balancing requirements of international procurement.

Promote a competitive market by favoring procurement from the private sector over government entities, government controlled enterprises or Vendors receiving government subsidies.

Promote use of Framework Agreements. ©FAO/Ivo Balderi / FAO ©FAO/Olivier Asselin / FAO Top 10 Goods purchased by HQ
(2012) VENDOR REGISTRATION Carefully identify the products or services your firm supplies and accurately indicate them during the registration process.

Submission of a completed application through the UNGM does not guarantee invitation to tender.

Details of the Vendor registration can be found on the FAO Procurement Internet: Top 10 Services purchased by HQ
(2012) FAO AND VENDORS Expression of interests permit participation opportunities. VENDOR BASICS FAO relies on its Vendors to meet its mandate Solicitation


electronic tendering (In-tend).
2 weeks - ITBs for goods
4 weeks - ITBs for services
6 weeks - RFPs
Follow the instructions when submitting offer as non compliance may result in an invalid offer.

Accept General Terms & Conditions, if not,
notify it. Goods: minimum 2 months
Services: minimum 6 months For emergencies these deadlines may be significantly reduced. IMPORTANT SUBMIT BY SECURE... SUBMISSION
OF BIDS DAP (final destination Incoterms 2010)

DAT (final destination Incoterms 2010) On exceptional basis, for some destinations (e.g. Iraq) FAO organizes the transport (FCA Incoterms 2010). FAO requests Vendors to provide for delivery to final destination. FAO IS A RELIABLE PAYER
30 days from receipt of required documentation Purchase Orders: no advance payment or letters of credit accepted Contracts: Payment is determined by the type of services provided with possibility of 20% advance payment upon receipt of bank guarantee PAYMENT TERMS Emergency Procurement If Vendor cannot meet the requested delivery, or considers request not feasible, please inform and provide reasonable lead time.

Vendors must make all efforts to meet the delivery deadlines. Must be conducted in a manner that meets standards for transparency, competitiveness and efficiency.

FAO recognizes emergency situations require very short delivery times for Vendors. FAO has a strict “No-gifts, no-hospitality” policy which is applicable to all Vendors. Vendors wishing to do business with FAO may not offer gifts or hospitality to any FAO staff member.

Vendors must adhere to the UN Supplier Code of Conduct. 7 TIPS FOR DOING BUSINESS WITH FAO PROS & CONS Questions relating to Vendor Registration

FAO Procurement Internet: 1. Register your company with FAO using UNGM.
2. Check opportunities in the UNGM and FAO website.
3. Keep information about your company and its products/services updated.
4. Prepare Responsive Offers meeting the requirements in solicitation.
5. Strictly comply with the tender closing deadlines and instructions in the solicitation documents.
6. Keep trying, even if you do not succeed on the first try.
7. Let FAO know why you cannot or will not respond to a solicitation. INSPECTION: LOADING/UNLOADING Inspection is contracted by FAO with 3rd party independent superintendency companies
Inspections are carried out at loading to verify the quality, quantity, bagging, marking, etc. and at unloading to identify damage/loss during transport.
To meet tight deadlines and avoid delays FAO instructs Vendors to dispatch goods without waiting for inspections results.
Vendors should inform if they choose not to accept this condition. 11 January 2011, Danao - A child eating rice for breakfast. Her father works as a Forest Patrol Ranger for the Assisted Natural Reforestation (ANR) project established to prevent illegal logging. The ANR project provides increased resources and opportunities to local residents. 14 August 2012, Jalal-Abad Oblast, Kyrgyzstan - An FAO speacialist teaching local farmers new methods of agriculture. The tractors were provided by FAO.
©FAO/Sergey Kozmin / FAO 14 August 2012, Jalal-Abad Oblast, Kyrgyzstan - Farmers harvesting corn. Small-scale community based agriculture to enhance and diversify agricultural production and rural livelihoods. ©FAO/Sergey Kozmin / FAO ©FAO/Giuseppe Bizzarri / FAO Favor cooperation with other entities of the UN system.

Common Procurement Team (amongst FAO, WFP and IFAD)
Piggy-backing on existing contracts
Working with general terms and conditions Top 10
Destination Countries
HQ Procurement - 2012 ©FAO/Noel Celis / FAO HQ Purchase Orders by Region Formal contract award procedure following a competitive process.

Participation to the solicitation process based on invitation to registered, pre-identified Vendors.

FAO intends to build sustainable relationships with Vendors and relies on input from Vendors to improve its procurement activities Tender proposals may be re-used for 12 months Mr Gurung BHUPENDRA
Procurement Officer
FAO - Bangladesh 7 International Procurement Officers
around the globe... and more coming soon. Mr Ilhom MUHOMEDIEV
Procurement Officer
FAO - Pakistan Mr Christian Abinassif
Procurement Officer
FAO - Kenya Ms Karen MCDONALD
Procurement Officer
FAO - Zimbabwe Mr Stoyan NEDYALKOV
Procurement Officer
FAO - Somalia Often short deadlines for submission of offers
Often very tight delivery requirements
Vendor responsible for delivery in often difficult areas pros cons FAO is Fair
FAO is a reliable payer
Assist humanitarian relief efforts Liaising with country offices may be a challenge: But our team of International Procurement Officers
in the field makes the task easier THANK YOU! Mr Thierry Hervé EBO
Procurement Officer
FAO - DRC Mr Herbert Kariithi MACHARIA
Procurement Officer
FAO– South Sudan Top 10
Countries of Supply
(HQ Procurement
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