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ART Core 1: Advisor as an Information Resource

No description
by Angela Ward on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of ART Core 1: Advisor as an Information Resource

Academics ART Core 1 Adviser as an
Information Resource Core I - Adviser as an Information Resource
Core II - Student/Group Development Theory and Models
Core III - Recruitment and Retention
Core IV - Working with an Executive Board
Core V - Meetings and Activities Mechanic
Actor/Actress Knowledge of Campus Issues Experiential Requirements Advise a residential student organization for two years
Attend a NACURH Affiliated Conference (not state conference)
Attend a NACURH business meeting (regional or national) National Board of Directors National Chair
National Associate for Administration
National Associate for Finance
National Associate for NRHH and Special Initiatives
National Advisor
Conference Resource Consultant
National Information Center
National Services and Recognition Office Regional Board of Directors (RBD) Regional Director
Associate Director for Business Administration (ADBA)
Associate Director for NRHH (AD-NRHH)
Regional Affiliations Coordinator (RAC)
Regional Education and Development Coordinator (REDC)
Regional Promotions Coordinator (RPC)
Regional NRHH Adviser
Regional Adviser NACURH Adviser Resource Training
(A.R.T.) Roles of An Adviser General Timeline Founded 1954
Largest Student Run Organization
8 Regional Organizations Administration of ART SAACURH Regional NRHH Advisor
Cliff Haynes
University of Florida June: Complete Affiliation
October/November: SAACURH
January/February: State Conference
March: SAACURH No Frills Conference
May/June: NACURH Conference Counselor
Quality Control
Devil's Advocate Teacher
Auditor Things to Know About
NACURH Affiliation Voting Rights
Resource File Index Reports
Corporate Contracts
Member Services
NRHH Pay Dues Large School - $110
1,001 or more on campus residents

Small School - $85
Less than 1,000 on campus residents

Associate Membership - $35
1-Year, Non-Renewable Trial Membership Submit Paperwork
Online RFI Report
NACURH Registration Form National Information Center (NIC) National Services & Recognition Office (NSRO) Corporate Office
Other Non-Technical Services NACURH
Structure Your Campus National Communications Coordinator (NCC) Student Activities Important dates
Policies and procedures
Locations Reservations
Budgeting & Purchasing
Awards & Recognition
Institutional Policies What roles do you play as an Adviser? What/Who do you think you
need to know to be a good
information resource
as an adviser? Electives: Legal Issues
Working with the NCC How Diversity Affects RHA
Advising an NRHH Chapter Bids, Bid Writing, and Bid Presentations MASTER
A.R.T. Master Core I: Long Distance Advising: Your state, regional, national board
Master Core II: Conference Advising: From Bid Team to Completion
Master Core III: Teaching ART Concepts in Staff Training
Master Core IV: Establishing a Supportive Departmental Relationship for your RHA
Master Core V: Incorporating ART Fundamentals into other Advising Opportunities Experiential Requirements 3 years advising post-ART certification
Present at least 2 ART sessions
Publish article on aspect of advising student groups Assistant Director of Housing
University of West Alabama Angela Ward
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