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Living Like a Student

No description
by Amanda Dolfin on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Living Like a Student

QUESTIONS?? The Cost of a Latte:

1 cup = $4

1 cup every weekday = $20 per week

1 cup every weekday for a year = $1040!! Little things can add up... Wants vs. Needs How Credit Cards Can Get You in Trouble…Without Realizing it! Pay off your balance in FULL, EVERY month.

Set your own credit limit.

READ all fine print.

Know your credit score and how to improve it

Limit the number of direct mail credit card offers you get…
Call1-888-5OPTOUT to have your name removed. How does the whole credit card thing work? The late night snack favorite…

The 8:00 class rush

Clubs and organizations at MSU

Going out---and the mall

Things "you can’t live without..." Budget Busters…No Matter How Well You Plan! College Living Expenses Calculator Budget Resources Financial Confidence and Security

Lower Debt Burden

Financial Wellness WHY MAKE A BUDGET?
Money Management
Student Financial Services It’s Thursday Night and You’re Broke….. Student Financial Services Living Like a Student!

Budgeting and
Money Management
at College 1. Not applying for Financial Aid
2. Missing deadlines
3. Scholarships
4. Follow up’s, checking email
5. Paying for something that’s free
6. Taking out unnecessary loans for wants
7. Living like you a have a monthly paycheck Lacking $ for the budget? How Do You Budget? Identify your resources Identity your expenses that are absolutely necessary Balance your resources with your expenses and live like a student NEEDS WANTS rent/room and board
books frappucinos
social outings
Vikings/Twins games
Calculator Budget Tips buy generic brands
use campus health services
take and bake pizza instead of ordering
student discounts and freebies
use coupons
rent or borrow text books
campus facilities
"like" your favorite businesses on Facebook CREDIT REPORT request your free report at: Get a free copy once a year when your credit is denied, you are entitled to a copy Principal Amount Borrowed:

$5,000 Interest Rate:
19% Monthly Payment:
3% of balance
(initially $150) Number of monthly
238 over 20 years Total Amount Repaid:
$10,360 Keep a good
credit score Pay your bills on time If you miss a payment catch up! Keep low balances and
pay them in full limit the amount of
inquiries Don't apply for cards you don't need Money Management Brochure X X X X X X X Budget Help Apps
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