Senior Product Manager


Senior Product Manager - Medium Mission

The Challenge

The Medium Mission is one of four primary Missions within the Product Organization (Value, Journey, Medium and Force Missions).  The Medium Mission’s charter is to continuously evolve the Prezi medium as a standard for spatial-visual communications with a solid, future-proof platform (including APIs) that enables 3rd party integration and an extended community of innovation.

In this senior individual-contributor product role, domain experience is a must. As are excellent communication, stakeholder management, and visualization skills.  Demonstrable experience at cross-product-team collaboration, in this case, a tight collaboration with other PMs, is a key foundational ability.

Senior Product Manager

Product Management - Specific Responsibilities for


  • Strategy Accountability -- Drive product strategy alignment across cross functional teams within the Medium Mission.
  • Objectives & Key Results -- Be accountable for the creation and completion of Mission level Objectives and Key Results (“OKRs”).
  • Mission Leadership -- Perform as primary stakeholder manager for the Medium Mission, serving as a key point of contact for teams outside the Mission dependent on or influenced by the Mission work product.
  • Recruitment and Retainment -- In collaboration with line management, help as necessary with Hiring and Training of members of the cross-functional team, infusing a sense of culture within the Mission that is aligned and part of the broader company culture, and investing in team building that leads to ever-happier Mission members.

Product Management - General Responsibilities

  • Business and Product Strategy -- Deeply understand, aid communication and amplification.
    • Work with cross-functional product teams, and particularly Product Owners to amplify how decisions are taken by these individuals or others align or diverge from these strategies.
  • Accountable for Objectives -- Understand and feel accountable for working with cross functional teams to meet Company’s primary objectives.
  • Represent Customer Context  --  Understand, help communicate and be influenced by Prezi’s key Value Proposition, Target Market, User Jobs and User Lifecycle
  • Market Trends -- Understand, help communicate, and be influenced by Technology and Market Trends.
  • Use Data, and Respect Subject Matter Expertise -- Effectively use Qualitative and Quantitative Data appropriately to help inform Prezi’s decision making process.
  • Maximise Value -- Drive to maximise the value created by Prezi’s product teams.
  • Continuous View on Product -- Maintain a high degree of visibility into ongoing tasks and projects.
    • Collaborate closely with Customer and Go-to-market teams at Prezi to ensure visibility into the tasks of the product organization and vice-versa.
  • Quality and Performance -- consistently infuse cross-functional teams with accountability for world-class performance and quality, balanced with tactical iterative delivery.

What we expect from you:

  • Experience in developing an Authoring Tool or Productivity Suite.
  • Experience exposing Customer mindset approach: The first three items on your priorities list is customers, customers and customers. It's crucial to be able to inspire engineers to think about customers and refocus product discussions back towards customers.
  • Understands the principles of Product Development and has a proven track record in delivering products
  • Ability to display rational vs. emotional thinking on how to collect, organize and analyze information.
  • Skilled communicator: can distill complex ideas to make them universally understandable, have attention to detail and be willing to explain to others.
  • Experience in working in an environment that a fosters “learning through delivery” behavior in a SaaS company is a strong plus.
  • Ability to identify risks and make them quickly visible to support a transparent and highly collaborative environment.


What you can expect from us:

  • Competitive monthly salary and stock options
  • Flexible working hours and vacation
  • MEDICOVER - private health insurance at no cost
  • Occasional travel to San Francisco and conferences
  • Free quality food (lunch and breakfast in at the restaurant and sandwiches in Prezi bistro)

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