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My Dream Vacation: Experiencing Egypt Entirely (, Enfin!)

No description
by Michael Pignanelli on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of My Dream Vacation: Experiencing Egypt Entirely (, Enfin!)

EXPERIENCING EGYPT FORESIGHT. 1. Defining Myself 2. WHO I AM GOING WITH 3. WHY BOTHER? 4. What to concider *in four weeks Why I Live. Relevant Interests. - World History - Adventure & Mystery - Music, Art and Culture - Anthropology AND Who doesn't enjoy a little rest and relaxation? 1) To relive experiences that have been enjoyed.
2) To experience what has not been experienced
3) To share my experiences with loved ones WIFE - Likely to have similar interests - Some parts of Egypt can be romantic - More for couples to experience in Egypt compared to
friends/siblings Relics of an ancient civilization The Western Desert Northern Mediterranean Coast Mt. Sinai and
The Red Sea Expeditions - Watersports - As a child I was deeply intrigued by ancient Egyptian
art and culture.
- I was interested in part because their traditions were so
divergent from my roman catholic traditions that they
were mysterious to me. ASIDE: SOME NOSTALGIA - My interest in Egypt was rekindled recently upon
reading a short story called "Lot 249" by my favorite
author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
- What makes this trip a dream vacation for me is
that I could, by walking where they once walked, come
full circle with my fascination about Ancient Egyptians - Nature To define why I live is to
define why I travel The Nile River Why? 1. SAFETY 2. TIME 3. FINANCES - Violence makes this destination seem risky.
- Historically, this area of the world has always been submerged in violence.
- Requires a conscious tourist who is aware of their surroundings
- I would wait to take this trip until tensions in Syria and the Egyptian
transition to democracy have been resolved. otal oving around xperiencing 752 HOURS Plane: 34.5 Hrs Coach & Train: 11.42 Hrs Cruise 167.5 Hrs 538.58 Hrs % OF TIME Travel: 28.4% Time in Spaces/Places: 71.6% % Finances Travel: 63.7% Expeditions: 2.4% lights = $10,225.66 CDN utomotive =$103.25 CDN Transport ights (Lodging) = $3,384.29 CDN *Budget for Two = $20,000.00 including taxes xpedition prices = $380.64 TOTAL= 16,053.84$ +Food, Taxi fees, Souvenirs Lodging: 33.3% ruising the nile = $1,960 CDN SUMMARY - My natural curiosity has made me want to
experience Egyptian culture first hand. Natural Beauty of
SEA AND THE NILE FLIGHT 1 FLIGHT 2 FLIGHT 3 1 2 3 1- LUXOR (15/03/13 -16/03/13) PLACES SPACES Transit Details - Rent bike for day to travel city sights Hotel: El-Luxor Hotel - Comfortable and good scenery - Good location - Board week-long nile cruise at 11:30 am
(16/03/13) -Medinet Habu - Ramesseum - Seti I Temple - Check in to hotel at 10 am (15/03/13) - Spa to relax after travel day. Aswan 2-NILE VALEY
CRUISE (16/03/13 to 23/03/13) LUXOR
(West bank) PLACES Luxor Temple Karnak Temple Edfu Valley of Kings - Eager to learn about influential
Egyptians and Past/Present Culture Temple of Edfu Esna (SPACE) - Relaxing night on-board cruise - Overnight beside Al Ramady Island - Mid-way between Luxor and Edfu Philae Temple The High Dam (SPACE) Aswan Market * Control of Nile floods + Economic Benefit
- Innovation by modern man to make life better Kom Ombo Temple of Kom Ombo -Back to Esna Spaces - Spaces are areas where I don't expect to experience any specific learning experience, any particular service or any emotional motivation to be at that specific area - These locations could be replaced with any locations similar - Specific areas of interest include all historic temples - They're there for a reason! Colossi of Memnon Ship: Rhiana Dahabyia WHY? - Goes to destinations I want to visit - Length of stay (6 nights/7 days) - Comfortable, romantic and vitange
egyptian experience - Egyptian meals served by private chef - Each boat only 7-10 passengers - Best way to see many
sights of the nile in short
time LUXOR: Part II (23/03/13 to 24/03/13) - Arrive in Luxor and disembark cruise at 10 am - Check in to Sofitel Karnak for one night stay
* One of top ranked luxury hotels & spas in luxor - BIRD WATCHING - Mummy Museum - Bazaars, local food and shops RELAXING Things to do: * Why? Birds influenced egyptian art
& cultural past - Check out: 12 pm on the 24th, enjoy more of the city - Catch 9 PM flight from Luxor to Sharm-el-Sheikh
(FLIGHT 4) and Mt. SINAI TRAVELING *Arrival in (25/03/13)
at 10:40 pm Accomodation for night: Falcon Naama Hotel * WHY? CONVENIENT; EASY RELAY POINT FROM
AIRPORT TO BUS STATION 8 AM BUS TO DAHAB Sharm-el-Sheikh Arrival = 10:40 AM Resort: Le Meridien Dahab Resort (25/03/13 to 30/03/13) WHY? - 5-Star comfort; High Visitor Satsifaction - Close to diving and snorkling hubs - Beautiful beaches - Driving distance to Mt. Sinai/Ras Abu Gallum Travel to Mt. Sinai from Le Meridien (Dahab resort) 11 PM - Catch bus to Mt. Sinai 1 AM: Begin Hike at Base of Mt. Sinai
to St. Catherine's Monestary WHY GO TO ST. CATHRINES MONESTARY? - A catholic right of passage, and I consider myself a spiritual person - Hiking under stars on same rocky path that Moses gave the
10 commandments from God (Must be a magical experience - Probably once in a lifetime (25/03/13 to 12 pm [noon] 26/03/13) Return to Dahab by Lunchtime. Hike Company: WHY? - Provide food and water - Personal guide in monestary - Experienced mountain guides
(Safety is very important) - Arrange transportation for us activities: Bedouin Safari to Ras Abu Gallum Protectorate Schedule and Perks - 7 AM Pickup at resort - 1 hour jeep ride to camel site - 2 Hour safari by camel in a natural park reserve
between Mt. Sinai and the red sea - Bedouin lunch served on sandy beach
(Can't experience culture without experiencing their food!) Dahab: One of top Scubadiving Locations in world! Why Dahab Dive Locations are "places" to me I would love to be able to compair Dahab to other diving experiences (Ex. Great barrier reef, Australia) Dive locations I'd like to go: 1. Eel garden 2. Lighthouse (night dive) 3. The three pools 4. The Caves Company: Mirage divers (most highly rated) Why diving can also be "space" - Scubadiving anywhere is excellent personal time
(As long as you don't run out of air!) - Amazing wild life and corals in any top diving destination R&R SPACE - Great resort and beach to relax on Departing Dahab - 8 AM: Catch Bus to Sharm-El-Sheikh - 12:10 PM: FLIGHT 5
Sharm-El-Sheikh to Alexandria ENTIRELY (, ENFIN !) French word meaning "Finally" The White Mediterranean. Western
Deasert Arriving in Alexandria 1:15 PM - Land at Alexandria International Airport - Time to grab a shwarma for lunch, head down town.
2:30 PM - Catch bus to Mersa Matruh Mersa Matruh MOTIVATION: Reasons - Romantic beach relaxation destination - One of top luxury resorts in Egypt -Premiere beach location on northern
mediterannean coast of Egypt -Romance and relaxation -Rejuvenate -- more adventure later! - High % of guests are couples - High customer satisfaction rating Resort: Jaz Almaza Beach Resort Advancing to
Adventure! (03/04/13 to 06/04/13) (31/03/13 to 03/04/13) 9:00 AM - Check out of Jaz Resort 10:00 AM - Catch bus to Siwa Oasis Safari DAY 1 Tour Company: Rameses Tour Why? - Experienced and safe - High customer satisfaction - Most "bang for buck" - Length of tour; destinations
with historical importance. - Drive to Siwa Oasis from Mersa Matruh - Camping under stars in Oasis DAY 2: 1. DEAD MOUNTAIN 2. Old Fortress of Shali 3. Oracle Temple 4. Cleopatra Pool 5. DAKROUR MOUNTAIN HOT SANDS DAY 3 1. Lakes of Bir Wahed 3. Hot Springs and Sunset upon mountain
"Enjoying a couple safari destination as space instead of place" 3. FOSSILS MOUNTAIN DAY 4 1. High Dune Sandboarding 2. Roman Warrior Tomb 3. Koraishet Spring DAY 5: RETURN TO MERSA MATRUH 10:00 AM - Bus departs Siwa to Mersa Matruh 2:00 PM - Arrive back in Mersa Matruh. Check into resort Resort II: Carol's Beau Rivage (07/04/13 to 10/04/13) WHY? - Close to Cleopatra and Agiba Beaches - Great natural sights on those beaches Cleopatra's Beach - "Virgin beaches" (i.e. non-industrialized) - 5-Star Resort Agiba Beach - Mostly couples Removing ourselves from the Rivage 12:00 PM - Check out
12:30 untill 2:30 PM - Shoping in Mersa Matruh
2:30 PM - Train leaves to Cairo Cairo Governate HOTEL: Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx WHY? - View of the great pyramids
at night from hotel - 5-Star Hotel - A stone's throw from Giza's attractions (10/04/13 to 12/04/13) SIGHTS Great Pyramids of Giza The Great Sphinx Rhoda Island "Nilometer" WHY TO LEAVE GIZA
UNTIL END OF TRIP? 1. Cliche Sights - Original motivation for trip: - Egyptian Tourism industry will most likely
"Dress sights up" to appease mass tourism - If I went here first, this masquerade could take away
from the cultural experience I seek by biasing my
perspective on future sights. 3. Close to Cairo Airport - End of trip is in sight :( 2. See if Giza lives up to expectations Having experienced other Egyptian temples and relics, I can decide for myself if Giza lives up to the rest of the country's sights.
(As well as it's own reputation.) To finally experience Egypt after a life long interest in their culture (12/04/13 To 13/04/13) Hotel: Heliopark Hotel WHY - 1 night stay in hotel close to airport (early morning flight back home) What to do in Cairo for Day? Visit Tariq Square: Egyptian Musieum of Antiquities Omar Makram STATUE OF *Synonomous with the 2011 Egyptian revolution Cairo Tower Panoramic night veiw of Cairo Bazaar - Souvenir shopping! Visit Khan El-Khalili Exiting Egypt FLIGHT 6 - 9:45 AM Cairo to Frankfurt Germany * Via Lufthansa (Operated by Egypt Air) FLIGHT 7 - 5:00 PM (German Time) 2:10 PM - Land in Frankfurt, Germany Frankfurt, Germany to Toronto, Canada * Via Lufthansa (Operated by Air Canada) 7:15 PM - Land in Toronto, Canada Abu Simbel . 4 5 6 7 - Ethnic Cuisine - Spiritual - Energetic DESTINATIONS ABU Simbel Abu Simbel's Temple Soiftel Karnak Hotel and Spa Used in past to measure
water level of Nile to predict floods Weblinks:

G) H)
J) Note:
* All pictures are not my own No longer needed (Aswan High Dam) - Even though we will desire a vitange experience of
Egypt, at times we will want to recharge - The spaces we choose will be geared towards couples
wanting to relax together. Egyptian Tourism Who Typically Visits? 1- People curious about the mystery of Egypt - Aided by the amazing sights of man and nature
*Examples later in prezi 2- History Buffs 3- People with an interest for spirit and culture i.e. Islamics, Jewish people, and Catholics 4- Sometimes families (with older children) 5- Couples for relaxation and adventure - Safaris
- Scubadiving
- Watersports
- And much more! - Beaches
- Spas
- Resorts Infrastructure of Egypt - Extensive roads; however, can be dangerous and congested * How to get around this: - Travel by taxi, train or chartered buses/flights - Minimize the driving you do yourself. - There are plans to link airports with trains and other areas of cities that have airports. Tension and Violence * Obviously not good for tourism - Many countries have official warnings against travel to Egypt for the time being - Tourism has dropped 32% due to ongoing street
violence in area. Beach destinations are less
effected than archeologic sites (ex. Cairo) 6- People from Europe dominate the tourist numbers Why? 1. Low cost to them 2. Great weather and things to do *Reflected in room occupancy rates Cairo:
2010: 65.6%
2011: 36.1% Sharm El-Heikh:
2010: 78.4%
2011: 48.1% ideally: Want to visit Egypt when times are better. Fiscal Impacts of Toursim * 2011 - 6.7% of total GDP (above average) - Foreign visitor spending = 46.2% of revenue Tourism information from:
- A Gateway to Discovery: Cairo Gateway Powerpoint - Egypt Tourism Authority:
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