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It's About Me And The Skulls

I don't own the pics only what I wrote.
by Kymberlee Harris on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of It's About Me And The Skulls

Here is what I love:
1.) Skulls
3.) Video Games
4.) Hanging Out With Friends
5.) Dragons
6.) Red
Here is what I hate:
1.) Being Bored
2.) Being Bugged
3.) Wearing Pink
4.) Bad Music
5.) Not Wearing A Tattoo
6.)People Judging Me
Type Of Songs I Like:
1.) Breath
2.)Gemini Blue
3.)The Ones
4.)And You
5.)Rise And Fall
All About Me!!!
1.) Where do I live?
Not telling.
2.)How old am I?
Not saying.
3.)When was I born?
Not saying.
4.) Hair?
Thick,curly,brownish gold.
Green around the edges then brown in the center,look closely and you will see blue.
6.) Boyfriend?
Yes,but not going to tell you the name.
I love drawing. I hate failing that drawing,though.
The song you are listening to is Gemini Blue.
Fav band: Hard to tell.

What do I read?
Fav cat?
Thanks for watching/ Reading!
Leave a comment. Please!!!
I would like you to listen to the rest of this song. It's 5 min 42 sec. Hope you enjoy it.
What type of dolls do I like?
Skull Bunnies!!!!
I got one from the May festival on May 16,2014.
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