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Ratio Problems Involving Totals

No description
by Gyselle Cuevas on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Ratio Problems Involving Totals

Sales Tax
A bicycle is on sale for $119.95.
The tax rate is 6% percent
you have to find the:
The tax on the bicycle
What is the total price including tax
Our objective
- Both of us wanted to learn more because we kind of got confused with this lesson and we worked on it and we got it and now we want to show you guys how we got it.

- We mostly struggled on this lesson. We both would get confused on the mutiplying and adding and how to steps go...

Step 1:
First get the main number ($119.95) and the second number (0.06)
Step 2:
then you multiply both of them together
x 0.06

= $7.197
Step 3:
But to fing the initial price, we add.
$119.95 (price) + $7.20 (tax)
---> $127.15 total
/ also means: $7.20
What is Sales Tax and how does it work?
How we use it
To find the
sales tax
on a purchase,
we mutiply the full price of the purchace by the
tax rate
which is sometimes 5%
Our summary
Well now we know how to do sales tax! We are glad and we hope to learn even more steps in the future. We hope you guys understood as well as we did, and hoped you enjoyed and learned our lesson today. Thankyou for your time.
A tax based on the coast of the item purchased
and collected directly from the buyer.
Defenition of Sales tax:
Langone, H. (2005) Sales Tax. Defenition of Sales Tax Reytrieved from:
Book citation
Hake, S. and Saxon, J (2004) Sales Tax: What is it and how do we use it Location: Book page 318 Saxon Math 8/7,Third Edition, Student Edition.
Gyselle Cuevas & Miguel Moreno
The answer is $127.15 in total
Audio English Dictionary
also this:

Example : 2
if a book cost : $18.95,and a pencil cost: $1.98
and a padwould be $2.29and we add.
the answer is: $23.13
but we now add tax :
$23.13 x 0.05
= $1.1565 w/tax
then we add $1.16 b
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