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Room Selection 2013

by Ben Weiner on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Room Selection 2013

Room Selection 2014
Mount Ida College
Office Of Residence Life
How are Lottery Times Generated?
Housing Options 2014-2015
What you should know...
Students are assigned lottery dates and times based on the number of credits earned by the end of Fall 2013.

For example, the student with the most earned credits will get the first selection time and so on. If there are two or more students with the same number of earned credits, the computer will randomly assign time slots to those students before others with less credits.

The Registrar's Office has identified the following: Rising Seniors: 75+ credits earned towards your degree. Rising Juniors: 45+ credits earned towards your degree. Rising Sophomores: 15+ credits earned towards your degree.

Residence Life does not do credit audits, so plan ahead to confirm your number of credits earned and speak to your advisor or the Registrar's Office if you have questions.
General Housing Availability:
Malloy Hall
New Hall (45+ or more credits required)
Chapman Hall
Brown Hall
Wingate Hall

Living Learning Communities all located on the 3rd floor of Malloy Hall:
Lambda (gender neutral housing) *requires interview
Women in Science Experience (WISE) for women in science based majors in the School of Applied Science
Design for students in the School of Design.
Enhanced Quiet Hours are located on the third floor of Malloy. EQHs means 24 hour quiet from Sundays through Thursdays and quiet hours of 9P-9A on Fridays and Saturdays.

Academic Intensive (24 Hour Quiet) will be located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Brown and on the 3rd Floor North side of New Hall.
Pay your $300 housing deposit by March 31st along with your deposit form. You can pay your deposit three different ways:

1. Pay your deposit via credit card or echeck online through the My Finances Tab on MiWeb. When you click on the My Finances Tab you will see a drop down that reads Fall Room Selection Deposit.
2. Submit an online form, and then deliver your deposit to the Office of Student Accounts. The online Room Selection Deposit form is on MiWeb under the Campus Life, Residence Life tab, on the lower right hand section of the page.
3. Use your refund to cover the deposit. In order to elect this option, please submit the online Room Selection Deposit form which is on MiWeb under the Campus Life, Residence Life tab, on the lower right hand section of the page.
If you would like to use your refund to pay for your housing deposit, you have to understand and agree to the following:
• You are eligible for a refund in February/March of 2014 of $300 or more, and you want this to cover your housing deposit for room selection.
• You understand that this $300 will be deducted off the cost of your total refund.
• You understand that if you do not have a refund of $300 or more this option does not apply to you.

Housing applications need to be completed in Residence by March 31, 2014.

You need to register for classes by Wednesday, April 9, 2014.

Residents must have 12 credits to live on campus and 9 out of the 12 must be in-person classes.

Dental Hygiene students awaiting acceptance into the program do not need to register by the 9th, students just need to show proof of registration by July 1, 2014.

Lottery times will be emailed via Residence on Friday, April 11, 2014!
How to Get a Single
There is no separate time to pick a single!
If we have them available during room selection, it's yours!
Singles are available in: New Hall, Chapman, and Malloy.
Spaces are limited!
Singles cost an additional $1,300.00 per year ($650.00 per semester)
Please be advised that all forms and documentation pursuant to a medical single must be completed and on file with Dr. Arrow by March 1, 2014.
Please note that if you are currently in a medical single, you must resubmit paperwork for the 14-15 year to be reviewed by the Office of Disability Services.

No Lottery Time?

If a student did not get a lottery time it was due to one of the following:
They did not get their housing deposit in by March 31st.
They did not submit their housing application by March 31st.
They did not register for classes by April 9th.

If you want housing for the Fall of 2014, you must contact the Office of Residence Life to request the waitlist housing application.

Once students have paid their deposits and registered they will be assigned spaces as they become available.

Those who are still working on paying their deposits and or registering will be on the waitlist until they are cleared for housing.
Remember These Important Dates
2/1-3/31 Students must log into Residence and complete their housing application
3/24-4/4 Interviews in the Office of Residence Life for those interested in living in Lambda.
3/31 Last day to pay deposit and submit the deposit form
4/9 Class Registration Deadline for Fall 2014.
4/11 Check Email for lottery times.
4/14-4/18 Room Selection
If you have any questions please feel free to call The Office of Residence Life from 8:30am-6:00pm or call 617-928-4583.
Stop by the Office of Residence Life or email:

Jen Golojuch /
Melissa Scuccimari /
Room Selection Process
room selection
widget on Residence gives you an opportunity to view the selection process, the selection time, and the status countdowns the time until the selection.
It will become available to students once the lottery is open.
Step 1: Roommate Management
roommate management
tab allows students to form a roommate group. The
view room
tab displays a real-time listing of the rooms available. The
make room selection
tab allows the participants to select a room.

On April 11, 2014, you will receive an email with your lottery selection time. Students must first log in to complete their housing application before forming groups. After that, you will be able to go in and form roommate groups.
Step 2: Create a roommate group
1. Click the
roommate management
2. Enter your selected roommates passcode(s).
3. Select
after each code
Roommates will be displayed after entering each code. Repeat steps 1-3 until all roommates are entered.
Students will receive an email if they are added into a group or removed from one as well.
4. When all roommates have been entered, submit to finalize the group.
Step 3: View Rooms
Here you can view the rooms available based on the size of your roommate group. Should there be no rooms, you will need to reconfigure your group size to find available rooms.

For examples, if you create of group of 3 and on your selection date and time there are no triples available, or 3 spaces in a quad, you will have to reset your group size to proceed.

Also, we
strongly recommend
you click the magnifying glass to determine if the spaces available is the actual size of the room. For example, a room showing 1 space available does not mean it is a single.
To remove group members simply press the
button. To move a member up to a group leader, simply press the green up arrow.
Step 4: Make a Room Selection
The selection window
displays the countdown until you can select a room.

Your Group lists all the group members and the group leader is indicated by the gold star.

Your Room allows you to submit draft choices (prior to your selection time) so when it is your turn to select you may pick one of these spaces if it is still available. This DOES NOT mean that you will automatically get one of these spaces.

We strongly encourage you to keep a list of spaces you would be interested in living in, but have back up options as well. If your first selection that you have "saved" (which remember does not mean selected) isnt' available, then what is your next option?

Step 5: Finalize Decision
To finalize the decision simply click
Finalize Selection
. If you're not sure just click
Save and Finish Later
. However, please be advised that each lottery time given out is separated in 5 minute increments. This means if you save and finish later you may lose out on the opportunity to select this room. If you miss your selection time, you can log in at any point after your time starts until the end of the lottery to complete the process. You cannot finalize your choice until your selection date and time.
Keep in Mind: You must log back in during your assigned time to make your selection final in Residence.
If you fail to log in and select a space before the lottery ends you will be placed on a waitlist.
Review: How to Login to Residence
Go to
Enter your MIC email address and password
If you are having problems logging in, please email
If you are having problems with your MIC email, please contact Network Services at 617-928-4702.
Residence Terminology
Roommate Tab- Where you can view your selected roommate, selection date, and time remaining until housing selection.
Passcode- Located in the upper right hand corner of your account tab. This passcode will need to be shared with the person in your group who is forming the roommate group.
Group Leader- This is the student that creates your roommate group and selects the room for the group. This person has a star next to their number to identify their role.
Keep in mind the group leader is technically the owner of the group. So if they cannot make the room selection it would be best to assign another owner to make the room selection.
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