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Copy of Emotion recognition software presentation

Technology & Society
by Dani Neitzelt on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Emotion recognition software presentation

Emotion Recognition Software What is it? Simply put, it is computer software that reads human emotion. Would putting this software in ATM's be a good idea? PIN's would be eliminated
In addition to having to insert your bank card, the ATM would have the ability to recognize your facial features
Theft would decrease. No one could access your account because the software would not recognize the thief. What other ways can emotion recognition software be used? Casinos
Security could pick up on player's habits and watch for signs of cheating
The software could instantly recognize a criminal as soon as they walked in Airports
Cameras could scan potential passengers to see if any criminals or terrorists are trying to board
The software could even pick up on nervousness or any emotion that would be considered odd
Cameras could make check-in a thing of the past, making the process faster by just having to be quickly scanned Schools
Students could get assistance if they needed it simply by a camera picking up on their confused expression
Cameras installed at the doors of schools could pick up on strange behavior and alert teachers or authorities What problems could this type of software solve? Other problems this software could solve are human errors, unbiased emotions, racial profiling, over thinking, faster reaction times, and above all else, the system never has to sleep. This software will create an error free system of checks that can benefit the company using it and could take over many systems for the future. On a lighter side, this technology could finally tell what a person is feeling at the time, making gift giving easier! Seminar 3 Group Presentation Members:
A patient who can not communicate effectively could be scanned to check for signs of discomfort. Marketing
Companies can benefit by being able to tell if a consumer genuinely liked a product or not. The company would benefit by being able to improve their product before investing time and money into mass production. Emotion recognition software can help improve nonverbal communication skills. Not only in the fields mentioned above but also in therapies to help autistic persons who have a hard time reading emotions. This software will allow them to see supporting clues of emotions. One way this software supports reading emotion is how quickly a smile develops. Advertisements could be shown depending on the persons mood. Such as, if you were in a good mood and smiling while using the ATM, it would talk to you about opening up new accounts or what promotions they had at the moment. If it reads that your in a bad mood, maybe it skips the ads and goes right into your transaction. Demonstration
Video Is it ethical for businesses using emotion recognition software to read the emotions of citizens without their consent? Businesses could use this software for interview processes and job applications.
It’s ethical to use emotion recognition software because you can catch a criminal this way. If you were to put this software into ATM Machines and someone is trying to get money from it you can tell if it is the actual person who owns the credit card or if it is a fraud. Yes. Proponents of the technology argue that it is no different than when human tellers or store clerks interpret customers’ emotions and modify their treatment of the customer accordingly. Do you agree? “Run by neuroscientist Jack Gallant, in his brain imaging and vision research, it appears he is close to figuring out how to read minds through brain pattern analysis using magnetic resonance scans and algorithms” (Cooper 2010). Yes. If the software can better understand the customer’s emotions then any company’s customer service would increase. This statement is accurate because you are supposed to treat the customer how they want to be treated and if you can understand their emotions you will better understand how they want to be treated; therefore adjusting your care accordingly to fit the customer’s needs. Is this a worthy new technology or just a potential invasion of privacy? It is a new worthy of technology because it will allow interview processes and job applications to be more thorough if you were to use it in those situations. You would be able to tell if the applicant was actually up for the job or how they feel about the job. It will help in a lot of different ways to protect the safety of our country and our jobs. So people that do not deserve the jobs won’t be getting them. “Gallant and others believe this technology can help when subjects may be unconscious or where people might want to conceal things like in a job interview, a criminal investigation, or a terrorist waiting to act” (Cooper, 2010). References Cooper, R. (2010, Febuary 17). National security: is emotional recognition software the answer? Yahoo Voices. Retrieved from Hill, David J ( 2012) Facial Recognition Software Distinguishes Between Real And Phony Smiles. Bonser, Kevin. How Facial Recognition Systems Work.
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