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What's the worst mistake

No description
by Jerry Roeder on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of What's the worst mistake

What's the WORST mistake
a student can make?
Black Hawk
Heavy Lift
Command & Control
Rescue & Medivac
Top Three Most Common Mistakes (Student Code of Conduct):
2. Academic Misconduct & Copyright Infringement or
Illegal Downloads and File Sharing
3. General Rules & Regs (Quiet Hours in University Housing)
What Orientation Leaders Thought:
1. Not going to class

2. Not getting involved and making a meaningful connection

3. Procrastinating & poor time management
(in their studies, extra-curriculars and personal life)

4. Not asking for help, waiting too long or not taking
advantage of resources
One Orientation Leader Summarized:

“The worst mistake a student can make is to depend on others to make their college experience. Work towards independence, be accountable for your responsibilities. You should ask for guidance and support when needed, however, do not blame your professors, advisers, or employers for failure. Don't depend on your parents to fight your battles. You are the hero of this story. YOUR college experience will be the one that YOU create.”

If you must, hover at a safe distance.
Helicopter-Parent Instincts...
Discuss expectations with your student for both inside and outside classroom

1. Live and act with integrity

2. Be prepared (in both academic and personal life)
Go to class; full-time school is a full-time job (2-3 hours studying for each in-class hour).
Have an family emergency communication and reunification plan. Include a 72 hour personal sustainability kit in Back-to-School shopping.

3. Learn from mistakes
* Expand knowledge and exercise learning capacity
* Take risks and step outside comfort zone
* Broaden perspective and experience more

"We grow more from new challenges and experiences than from reinforcing what we think we already know."
1. Alcohol & Drugs
"If all we ever do is all we've ever done, that's all we'll ever learn and all we'll ever be."
It's supposed to be hard
So what IS the WORST mistake a student can make?
It is the one he/she repeats.
Smart students learn from their mistakes; really smart students learn from the mistakes of others.
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