Péter Halácsy


CTO and Cofounder of Prezi

The Innovator

Péter "HP" Halácsy is the founding father of Prezi technology. He saw Adam Somlai-Fischer's hand-coded zooming user interface in 2008 and approached Adam about creating a commercial editor so others could use the software. Soon after, HP identified the third co-founder, Peter Arvai, and together these three Hungarians formed an idea: to help people share their stories in a more memorable and engaging way. Today, their idea is known as "Prezi."

Prior to Prezi, HP was a lead developer at Origo.hu, a new media lecturer at Budapest University of Technology, and cofounder of Kitchen Budapest, a cross-disciplinary environment where researchers create experimental projects involving technology and urban spaces.

HP's expertise runs the gamut and Prezi relies on him to champion rapid growth challenges, be an engineering coach, continually integrate our technology, and take agile product development to the extreme. He's also our resident speaker about all things technology and innovation.

In addition to constantly innovating Prezi, HP burns up the dance floor with his swing skills and provokes witty banter around the office. Basically, he masters technology and then high fives Chuck Norris every day.

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