Ashley Whitlatch


Head of Global Business & Education Programs

Ashley came to Prezi as the 8th U.S. employee to develop and launch a collegiate ambassador program for university students all over the world. She now leads a global education team that champions all Prezi education efforts, cultivating partnerships with EdTech companies, university professors, staff and students on six continents, and most recently closed a $100 million commitment in free Prezi presentation software for U.S. Public high schools in association with the White House Administration's ConnectED initiative, and the U.S. Dept. of Education. She's been a guest speaker at universities including Harvard Business School and UC Berkeley, and has continued to expand the Prezi Ambassador Program, which reached 32 countries and six continents this past year. With a solid background of seven+ years in leadership development and marketing, her goal is to see the positive impact that Prezi can have on the future of education, as well as the visualization and sharing of ideas. You can check out some of her prezis here. She is a true coffee addict, literary nerd, calligrapher, and delights in the calming practice of yoga.

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