Adam Somlai-Fischer


Principal Artist and Cofounder of Prezi

The Architect

Adam, an architect and artist, a maker and facilitator, spent the last decade creating innovative technologies and artistic projects which facilitate the creativity of others - ranging from mixed reality interfaces and DIY smarthomes to institutions and workshop methods for innovation.

His (collaborative) works have been exhibited at Venice Biennale and dozens of festivals globally and published in leading magazines and blogs. In 2007, he co-founded Kitchen Budapest media lab with Peter Halacsy. He wrote his first prezi in 2001. In his own words:

I hand-coded my first prezi in 2001, just as a personal tool to develop my ideas by seeing relations, the big picture, and then focusing the attention of the audience by creating a visual journey.

I've made about 2,500 prezis by now, and after each and every one I think about how to use this language better and how to build this knowledge into the product so that we can help everyone make better prezis.

In a prezi, there is always context, there are no slides hiding one idea from the other, and the visual journey is always there to help us orient ourselves in the cloud of information.

- Adam Somlai-Fischer, Cofounder of Prezi


  • 2014 Winner of best founders (with Peter Arvai and Peter Halacsy) The Europeas Awards, UK
  • 2009 Winner of the World Technology Award (WTN in assoc with TIME inc, New York) in the category of Arts, shared price with Usman Haque
  • 2009 I.D 50 – Selected as one of top 50 emerging designer worldwide by International Design magazine, NY
  • 2009 State award for excellence from the prime minister of Hungary
  • 2008 New Trends in Architecture, selected as one of 15 top emerging architect within Asia-Europe

Major Art Exhibitions

  • 2010 Media Architecture Biennale, Vienna
  • 2010 Transmediale, Berlin
  • 2009 Pixelache, Helsinki
  • 2009 NTT/ICC, Tokyo
  • 2008 Beijing National Art Museum
  • 2008 Venice Biennale of Architecture, International Selection
  • 2007 NTT/ICC, Tokyo
  • 2006 Venice Biennale of Architecture We Make Money Not Art interview
  • 2006 ISEA, San Jose, US
See the artworks here:

Larger Conference talks, Lectures


  • Aspen Institue Conference, Czech Sentate


  • Open Design Italia Jury, Venice
  • London School of Economics, UK
  • Prezi Day, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, NL
  • Honest Conf, Bratislava, SK
  • Pioneers, Rika, LV
  • 2012

    • Stanford Design School, on Prezi
    • Cologne Film School, on Writing Spaces (on Vimeo)
    • Milan, Prezi Camp
    • Bratislava AIESEC Symposium, on Prezi


    • How to Web, Bucharest, on Prezi vision
    • The New School, New York, workshop on thinking with Prezi
    • Startupweek, Vienna, Keynote on Prezi
    • Frontiers of Interaction, Florence, Keynote on Prezi & Design
    • Aquincum Institute of Technology, Budapest, on Prezi
    • Login, Vilnius, Keynote on Prezi
    • University College London, London, on the edges of architecture
    • Prezicamp, Barcamp, Vienna on Prezi


    • Vivo Arte, Sao Paulo, Brazil, on spatial creativity
    • Modena Design Awards, Italy, on Innovation and design
    • Migrating Arts Academies, Berlin, on user experience design and peer production
    • Media Architecture Biennale, Vienna, on Enabling spatial creativity
    • Prezivent, Netherlands, on Prezi
    • University of Fine Arts, Budapest, on artworks and Prezi
    • ETH, Zurich, on Responsive Spaces
    • Aedas Architects, London, on Prezi
    • Transmediale, Berlin, on creative industries


    • Kretakor Collegium Budapest on Technological Literacy
    • Exploratorium, San Francisco, on Prezi, architecture & innovation
    • Stanford Social Media class of Howard Rheingold, capturing the class live with prezi
    • TU Vienna, on Man & Machine
    • Moholy-Nagy University, Budapest, on non-linear narratives
    • World Technology Network, TIME Building, New York, on Prezi
    • IAAC Barcelona, on architectural works
    • Pixelache, Helsinki, on Kitchen Budapest medialab
    • Transmediale, Berlin on Open Hardware


    • Hillside Gallery, Tokyo, on architectural works
    • Tokyo University of Science, on architectural works
    • Cologne School of Media, on artworks
    • Walled Garden conference, Amsterdam, Workshop on the Future of email
    • Media Architecture Conference, Berlin
    • Venice Biennale of Architecture, pecha kucha
    • Asia-Europe Foundation, Singapore, pecha kucha
    • Royal College of Art, London on Peer Produced Art


    • Waseda University, Tokyo, on peer production, prezi prototype
    • Rome School of Design, on physical computing
    • Bartlett, University College London, on Mediated Spaces
    • School of Architecture and io1.0, Rome, on physical computing
    • IUAV, Venice, on physical computing
    • Domus Academy, Milan, on physical computing
    • Bartlett, University College London, on physical computing


    • Domus Academy, Milan, on physical computing
    • Mal au Pixel, exhibition and seminar, Paris
    • Game Set Match conference, Delft, The Netherlands on physical pixels
    • Goldsmith College, London, on physical computing


    • Dorkbot Budapest, on physical computing
    • Matchmaking festival, Trondheim, Norway, on artworks
    • Crystalpunk workshop, The Netherlands, on physical computing
    • Maker’s Fair, O’Reilly OSCON, Amsterdam, on physical computing
    • Westminster University, London, on artworks
    • NTNU School of Architecture, Norway, on physical computing


    • VIPER Basel, international festival for film video and new media, on artworks
    • ISEA2004 conference, Helsinki, on physical pixels
    • Konstfack, University College for arts and design, Stockholm, on physical computing
    • SMART seminar – Millenaris center Budapest, Hungary
    • Outside in conference Gothenburg, Sweden, on physical computing

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