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It's all about Metacognition!

Purpose: Introduce a strategy to facilitate sophomore learning. Objectives: Recognize TAMIU students characteristics. Identify a strategy that faculty can use in their classroom. Evaluate level of learning desired in their course.
by Jose Luis Moreno on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of It's all about Metacognition!

It's all about Metacognition! What is the difference, if any, between studying and learning? what if we teach students how to learn? TAMIU students of today... Work-off campus May have learning disabilities Think they can get high grades only by going to class Have few time management skills By applying some of the principles we already know about learning faculty can help students to "think about their thinking". That's metacognition! The level at which learning occurs is important - Use Bloom's Taxonomy If we identify the level of learning we want them to reach, and expect that they attain that level... THEY CAN GET IT! Students must learn to think about their own thinking, so they can LEARN. Students experience a critical transition between their first and second University years. As faculty we can help students be succesful... Do you want your students to learn at a low level i.e. to remember or to undestand... OR You want them to learn at a high level analyzing, evaluating and creating? ©All rights reserved
Developed by: Jose L. Moreno
for TAMIU - Title V - PROF CENTER Purpose:
Introduce a strategy to facilitate
sophomore learning. Objectives. The reviewer of this file will:
Recognize TAMIU student characteristics
Identify a strategy that faculty can use in their classroom
Reflect on the level of learning desired for the class taught From the lips of students: "We have no more personal attention from mentors" "We have huge classes and we are on our own"
"We can't tell from the long lecture what the critical points are" "We are not engaged in what we are learning; we need to belong to TAMIU again!" Learning is active, learning is engagement. How?
Telling students that we want them to learn. Identifying and testing the level at which we want them to learn. Using the "Learning Cycle" Learning cycle Your study habits, are they effective? Prepare for your class Take notes and review them everyday Ask yourself To do: Search for online resources Repetition is THE KEY!
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