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Ft. Campbell Online Orientation

Welcome to your Online Orientation for Austin Peay!
by Austin Peay State University on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Ft. Campbell Online Orientation

The OneStop Advisement page offers you the chance to look at a handful of things at once. You can see
Who your adviser is
Your GPA
Your A# (Banner I.D.)
Your email address
Your mailing address
Your ACT/SAT scores
Any existing holds
Any midterm grades posted
Your Major/Minor/Concentrations
And whether you've been advised for that semester or term. Changing slides To go back, simply press the button on the bottom left of your screen. This will take you back to your most previous slide. The button will move you from slide to slide as you go through your orientation. To change slides, please click the
button. The button is located near the bottom-middle of your screen. Registrar's Office Getting to Your Classes Bursar's Office Your online orientation to Austin Peay at Ft. Campbell is being presented in Prezi, an online presentation tool. It's fairly new, so use these tips and tricks to move around your guide. 3. No matter where you are, clicking will take you to the next slide in line from the last slide you viewed in the slideshow. 2. If you click and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse, you can drag your view of the screen around. 1. Use your mouse wheel to scroll up or down. This zooms the guide in and out, giving you a closer look or a better view from above. This orientation will guide you through some of the most important aspects of your stay at Austin Peay. It might take a while, but it's worth your time to sit back take your time, and enjoy the show! 4. When you see this fine gentleman, pay close attention. He's got some words of wisdom to give to the new Governors of Austin Peay. Heads up, "The Gov Says"
some important stuff! Navigating Your Online Orientation Guide Financial Aid Why apply for aid? It can help you pay for school! When should you apply for aid? As soon as possible! The FAFSA can be completed as early as January 1 st Fill out the FAFSA as soon as you get your tax information. The sooner the better. The Gov Says remember, you're applying for whatever year is the current school year, but you're using last year's tax information. Veterans Affairs Where to apply for aid You can apply for aid online through OneStop. The Austin Peay Center @ Ft. Campbell Student Financial Aid office is located in the Glenn English Army Education Center room 137 on Ft. Campbell, KY.

There is also a Student Financial Aid office located on the main campus in room 216 of the Ellington Building. Payment & Confirmation Payment for your tuition and fees is processed through the Bursar's Office. Think of them as the money holders. Accepting Awards These short definitions and descriptions are here for your convenience. If you are ever wondering what something means, this is a good place to look. Feel free to pull out of your orientation and refer back to this list if you feel like you want to have a better understanding of what something is. To "accept" awards means that you will be taking the awards as direct deposit or immediate payment to Austin Peay for your tuition and fees. Awards are any money granted to you through the Financial Aid Office. You can choose not to accept awards. In some cases, you can even choose to accept partial rewards, leaving leftover loans, for example, behind. From this page, navigate to the "Award" page. Thank you for viewing your online orientation. We are always here to help, so please feel free to contact us. If you do not owe a balance then you will see the above message and all is well. If you are directed to this site then you owe a balance and must pay the balance to be confirmed. A check from an organization such as Civitan, Rotary, Trane, Religious Affiliation, etc.
Cashiers – at the Office of the Bursar
Must be endorsed by student if made payable to APSU and student
Must have the student’s name and A# on all documentation Scholarship Checks You can allow another individual access to your accounting information.
The other individual would have access ONLY to your Bursar's Office information.
You are the only one who can initiate this procedure AND it can be revoked.
You can authorize the other individual to have varying degrees of access. For example, you could have it so that they could ONLY view the accounting information OR you could have it so that this person could make payments. Authorized Users You will receive a balance from financial aid either by direct deposit or refund check.
Direct Deposit forms are found online or at any office in the Office of the Bursar
Your Direct Deposit can be into either a Checking or Savings account
The Direct Deposit account you provide will be where your money is sent until you graduate or change it
Direct Deposit allows your money to be available (usually) on the first day of classes
Refund checks will be mailed approximately 10 days after first day of class Direct Deposits/Checks Must submit a new form each semester
Most common ones that are submitted are:
Dependent of Public School Teacher/State Employee
APSU and TBR Employees Discount for Dependents
Many discounts that can be reviewed at: Discount/Waiver Forms
This allows students with excess aid to charge books and supplies at the university bookstore
You've got to have the following four components:
Confirmation of classes
APSU ID card
Title IV authorization form on file with Student Financial Aid
Excess aid on your account
Check the Bursar website for available dates Bookstore Debit Program Registration Process Registering for Classes Each semester or term, you will need to register for your classes. To do this, go to your OneStop page and begin the registration process. First things first, select your Web Self Service tab. From there, select "Student." Under "Student," you'll see "Registration." Click there to really get things going. From there, you'll click "Add or Drop Classes." This section lets you browse the classes available for a given semester or term. Make sure you select the semester you want to sign up for. For example, Ft. Campbell classes will be available in "Fall Term I 2012" or Fall Term II 2012" while Austin Peay main campus classes will be under "Fall Semester 2012." The Tools You Need Austin Peay at Ft. Campbell has an on campus Bookstore. We suggest that you give them a call and find out what times they are open and operating. Every student needs books. You'll get yours at either the Ft. Campbell Bookstore or at the Ann Ross bookstore. The Gov Says try looking for books in other places as well. The Ann Ross Bookstore rents books to students. Some basic programs that most students will need are a word processor and a presentation tool. If you don't have access to these programs yourself, feel free to use the computers located in your classes or in the library for your study and research. Austin Peay at Ft. Campbell also offers students the chance to learn about Library Services. Also, the Research Assistance Desk visits the Ft. Campbell Campus to lend a hand. Every Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., a Library worker visits the Ft. Campbell campus to show students how to:
navigate through databases
look up books or research materials
verify reputable sources Log into Self Service or OneStop Select "Web Self-Service" Select the "Student" tab Select the "Student Account" link Select the "Confirm & Pay" link Select the appropriate term Click "Submit" Select "Yes" and continue to payment Remember, it is also possible to pay tuition and fees with:
Card Austin Peay OneStop GO ARMY ED The Gov Says "Bursar" actually means "keeper of the funds." LIBRARY SERVICES PARKING MAPS MAIN CAMPUS FT. CAMPBELL Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 7 Step 8 Step 6 Step 5 OneStop is Austin Peay's online portal for most of the things you'll need while at APSU. Probably the most important website you'll visit while you're at Austin Peay, OneStop is where some of the most useful information is located. OneStop Advisement The OneStop Degree Compass is a tool developed by Austin Peay to help you figure out what classes to take next.

It's located on the "Home" tab of your OneStop page. It takes the classes you've already taken, core requirements, and your major (if you have one) requirements into consideration. It'll work its magic and produce a list of classes that you might be interested in taking. Some of the classes it shows you will be from your major requirements. Others might be core requirements. And some might be classes that can follow a class you have already taken. Logging into OneStop Degree Compass Logging into your OneStop account is easy. All you need to know is your login name and your birthday. Initial login information will be the first letter of your first name, your last name, and possibly numbers at the end. The most important part to remember is that your login name is the exact same as your email address before the "@" symbol. LOGIN PASSWORD Your default password will always be your 6(six) digit birthday. MM/DD/YY. For example, if you were born on January 5, 1985, your password would be 010585. Finding and Changing Your Login Information. Once you've gotten into OneStop, you may want to change your password. To do that, follow these easy steps. It's a hub of answers for many of your questions.
Where do I sign up for classes?
Who is my adviser?
What personal information does Austin Peay have?
Why can't I sign up for this class?
And many more. While this orientation will give you a brief overview of just some of the things OneStop has to offer, take plenty of time to look over it yourself and familiarize yourself with it. This section gives you contact information for just about anyone you'll need to contact here at Austin Peay. If you need to give someone a call, send an email, or go to a site, this section is here to help. Thank You Officially, Welcome to Austin Peay! We're happy you're here and we look forward to seeing you on campus and online. Remember, never hesitate to ask for more information. Austin Peay prides itself in the ability to help students find exactly what they need. The Bursar's Office is where you go to pay any fees or tuition. The Registrar's Office, for the most part, is the office that has to do with classes and registering for classes. The Registrar's Office is in charge of a number of things, from designing the class schedules to outlining course requirements. If it has to do with a course, it probably had to go through the Registrar's Office. Most of your questions about classes, scheduling, and registration can be answered through the Registrar's Office.

Some questions could include:
What time are classes scheduled for?
Where are classes located?
Where do I register for classes?
What exactly is a particular class about?
Why can't I sign up for classes?
Will my credits transfer from another school? HOLDS An academic hold can be a bothersome thing. Most often, holds prevent you from signing up for classes or from advancing within the university. The Registrar's Office can help you with transcript holds.

In rare cases, other types of holds may crop up. On your OneStop "Holds" page, you can find what holds you currently have and which department they are associated with. Transfer Information Another aspect of your collegiate life that the Registrar's Office handles would be most issues having to do with course transfer information. Whether you're transferring transcripts to or from Austin Peay or asking for course credits from a class taken somewhere else, the Registrar's Office is the place to look. AP Self Service AP Self Service is basically the tabbed menu from your OneStop page. It's a handy alternative to using OneStop if the servers are ever down. Registering For Classes While the Registrar's Office handles the registration process, the section dedicated to helping you register for classes is included separately for your convenience. Be sure to look there for any questions. Grade Information As you take classes, there may come a time when you need to drop a course. Don't worry yourself over it, this happens to many students. It is important to know when to drop a course, though. Depending on how long you wait, you could find yourself with a failing grade that sticks to your record. The Veterans Affairs Office assists eligible students in applying and obtaining their VA education benefits to help offset their educational expenses.. The benefits you can be awarded differs from person to person but everyone should look into Veterans Benefits. When you visit the VA Office, you may be given packets of information and paperwork for every benefit you are eligible for. Remember, keep up with these separate packets. Each benefit will have a different packet. VA Deferment refers to the option for you to defer your tuition payments for an allotted time. This is especially helpful for the veteran or family member who is tight on funds. Remember, though, that you will still have to pay for your tuition. Stay in touch with the VA Office and keep up with your payments and deferments. You can check the status of your VA enrollment certifications through your OneStop page. Please feel free to call the Veterans Affairs office anytime you have a question. Their hours are 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. and they can be reached at (931)221.7760 (Main Campus) or
(931)221.1462 (Ft. Campbell Campus).
If there isn't an answer, please leave your name, phone number, and your A number. To apply, go to the primary Veterans Affairs website and select the “How To Apply” tab on the left. From there, you can choose read either the new student or transfer student application process. Financial Aid TV Financial Aid TV is a valuable resource that Austin Peay offers to its students. Basically, it's a television program that you can view online that can show you videos for every process you need to know about in the Financial Aid Office. When you withdraw from a class by a certain time, you will receive a "W" for that class, meaning you withdrew. When you withdraw after a certain time, though, you may or may not receive a "W" for that class. You could end up failing it completely. This is referred to as the "WF" period, where you must request permission from your professor and, granted that permission, you may withdraw from the course. Even with permission, the professor may allow you to drop, but will still fail you if you do so. Make sure everything is in line before you drop a class! Financial Aid Bursar's Office Registrar's Office Registering for Classes How to Get to Your Classes The Tools You Need How to Use Prezi Just For Fun Civilian Class Selection Austin Peay
Online Orientation The Gov Says that course information can also be found in your class' Academic Bulletin and in the class schedule on OneStop. You should also check the monetary consequences of dropping a class. Before you drop a class, especially if you have received financial aid, VA benefits, military tuition assistance, scholarships or any other form of financial assistance, be sure to contact Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs (if it applies) and ask about the potential consequences. The Woodward Library on campus is also available to all APSU students. You may need your student ID to utilize all available services. You WILL need your student ID card to access the library after 9 pm. The registration process differs between ACTIVE DUTY students and CIVILIAN students. Here, you'll find an outline of both forms of registration for future use. Civilian Registration For the Ft. Campbell Campus, your first visit to campus will need to begin at the visitors center, located to the right of Gate 4.

Civilian students will need to take their driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance to the visitors center where a temporary pass will be issued.

This pass will allow you access to the military base for the purpose of attending classes.

You will need to pick up an “extended pass memo” from Austin Peay personnel on the first floor of the Education Center, room 104A. Returning to the visitors center with the memo will allow security to issue you a pass for the length of the term.

You will need to repeat the process of obtaining an extended pass memo and a length of term parking pass each semester you are taking classes held at Ft. Campbell.

PARKING: Military students and their families will already have access to the military base, so you are free to park in front of the Ed Center or the APSU building. To access the Main Campus at 601 College Street in Clarksville, simply drive to any entrance and find an appropriate parking space.

The frequency of your visits will decide what you will need in order to park on campus and where you’ll park.

If you are enrolled in classes on both campuses, you will need to apply for a parking permit at the Shasteen building at the main campus.

If you are visiting for one day, you can pick up a visitors pass at the same location. Students visiting the main campus after 5 p.m. will not need a parking permit and parking is open with the exception of handicapped or housing designated parking.

Reference the Parking Map in this presentation to determine what parking areas are available to all students.

Entrance to some buildings may require your official Austin Peay I.D. card. If you have never heard of Go Army Ed (GAE), it's the method that military students use to register for classes so that the class is paid for by TA. You can visit GAE at

You'll need to go there, create an account, fill out a common application and select Austin Peay State University as your home institution.

Next, you'll need to get a Statement of Understanding signed by your commanding officer. Also, you need to meet with an ACES counselor to make sure that your statement gets scanned into the system.

Once you've finished that AND are admitted to Austin Peay, you can go to and register for your courses.

If you have any questions on the process, please reference the multiple routes presented at:

Finally, please note that it can take 24-48 hours for Austin Peay to get the information that GAE sends.

It is also important to know that just because GAE says you're registered, there is still the chance that you have not met all required registration criteria for Austin Peay and you CAN be rejected from a course for that. Select "Personal Information" Select "Change your PIN" Enter your old PIN to verify that you're you. Enter your new PIN and select "Change PIN." The Gov Says that your PIN can only be a grouping of 6 numbers. To View your OneStop/LIVE Email/D2L/RMS login information From the Personal Information tab in OneStop, select
"View APSU OneStop/LIVE Email/D2L/RMS login information." All of your DEFAULT login information will be displayed here. From there, select your Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs tab. You should then see a series of tabs, the last being "Accept Award Offer." From here it's all up to you whether you accept awards given, decline them, or partially accept them. Select the year you wish to accept awards for. To accept your award offers, start off at your Web Self Service page, located through either OneStop or Self Service. Select "Award for Aid Year" to choose which year you want to accept awards for. Active Duty Registration Contact information for the Help Desk at Go Army Ed:

For one-stop comprehensive support:

Call the GoArmyEd HelpDesk – 800-817-9990

Outside the continental United States
View outside the continental United States (OCONUS) Helpdesk Numbers
Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Eastern Time
Saturday and Sunday: Closed Here are a selection of links that may also be useful to you as you navigate through the Go Army Ed website: Helpful Links For a better view of the map, please visit the following link: Ft. Campbell students can park wherever they are normally allowed to park on the campus. It is suggested that students park outside the Education Center. The bookstore is located in room 1115. Ft. Campbell Library Location Career Services Austin Peay offers its students the chance to advance their opportunities AFTER they leave campus with Career Services. This service gives students a place to go to work on resumés, to find jobs for after graduation, and to work on interview skills. Their website offers more in-depth information on all of the Career Services Center opportunities available to students. The link is LINKS AND CONTACT INFORMATION To exit your orientation, either close your browser or select "full screen" from the "more" tab at the bottom right of your screen. Austin Peay Self Service Ft. Campbell Website Advising Every student should be sure to connect with the advisers on the Ft. Campbell campus. These advisers help students decide what classes will be best for them as they go through their careers at Austin Peay. Contacting Your Adviser To find out who your adviser is, look back to the OneStop section detailing the OneStop Advisement hub. Frequently Asked Questions Sometimes, you may have a question and not have the time to come visit this presentation. Many of your questions can be answered at the following link, so be sure to favorite it and visit anytime you've got a question. Ft. Campbell Main Campus Ask The Gov The "Ask The Gov" section of your OneStop page (located near the bottom right of the home screen) helps you out with some general questions. Military Student Center On Austin Peay's main campus, there is the Military Student Center. It offers military students and their family members attending the university a place to go to work, print, and relax. The Military Student Center is open Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Location: Morgan University Center, Room 120
Phone: 931-221-1685 Desire 2 Learn (D2L) D2L is Austin Peay's hub for your online classes. It's where you go to take your tests, submit your essays, and get your lessons ONLY for online classes. The fastest and easiest way to get to your D2L is to go through your OneStop page. The link is located in the upper right-hand corner of the Home page. Once you've gotten logged into D2L, you'll probably wonder what everything means. This section is a short introduction to D2L and most of the things you'll need to know on day ONE of your classes. Remember to go check things out for yourself, though. The Gov Says that logging into D2L from your OneStop page lets you log right in. No password or username needed! Logging into D2L is easy! All you need is the same login information you use for your OneStop login. For your USERNAME, you'll need the first letter of your first name, all or part of your last name, and possibly a numerical value. This is also the beginning of your Austin Peay Email address. Your password is whatever your PIN is set to for OneStop. By default, it is your 6 digit birthday. LOGIN INFO NOTE* Although GAE students are not required to meet with an APSU advisor, advisement prior to registration is recommended. DON'T KNOW YOUR A#? Call the Registrar's Office at (931) 221.7011 You need to check and see if your adviser is located at Austin Peay Main Campus or on the Ft. Campbell Campus. To find out whether your adviser is located on the Main Campus or not, contact the Registrar's Office at (931) 221.7150 Seeing Your Adviser You've probably already registered for classes or your very first semester or term. If not, you'll see an adviser that MAY NOT BE your permanent adviser. This will most likely be a person who is just helping first time students register for classes. You will need to meet with your adviser in order to register for classes every semester or term.
The adviser's job is to:
tell you which classes are going to fit your plan the best
which classes you probably should avoid
check off that you have been advised, which lets you sign up for classes Most of the time, you can email your adviser and set up a meeting with them. Every adviser is different, though, and some will need you to call or even come to their office to set up a meeting. Nearly ALWAYS the actual meeting will be in-person. Look up the specific program you're looking to take a class in. For example, English 1010 would be in the English section. By clicking "View Sections" you're taken to a page that will show you the dates and times of every session offered for a specific class. The SUBJ is the specific subject of the class. The CRN is the Course Registration Number. This is the specific number assigned to each individual class session. The CRSE is the Course Number. Courses are split into 5 categories of classes, each by the 1000's. English 1010, for example, is a lower level class. English 4000, though, is a much more difficult class. Classes in the 5OOO's are graduate level courses. This is the title of the class. This is the time of day that each class will occur. The REM section displays the number of seats left in this class. This example shows that no seats are left. This is the instructor of the class. This is the location of the class. In this example, the class is located on Main Campus, Kimbrough building, room 115. This is when the class sessions begin and end. The CAP is the maximum number of students allowed to be in the classroom before it is "Closed." The days of the week that the class meets.
F=Friday Something that may be particularly helpful to you is that the Woodward Library offers Document Delivery, meaning that they will deliver a book you check out online to the Ft. Campbell library. Even better, all you have to do to return the book is return it to the Austin Peay administrative offices. Most often, the word processor is the program that you'll use to write your papers and research. Some available options are Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. The presentation tool will most often be Microsoft PowerPoint. Perhaps you could impress a professor with your knowledge of Prezi! Just be sure to ask if a Prezi is safe to use first. An incredible resource for many of your questions is the Ft. Campbell @ Austin Peay website, located within the Austin Peay network of websites. The web address is The first page you'll see after logging in is the Home Page. This shows you some news, where to go for help, and most importantly, what classes you have online portals for. You should know that ALL of your classes will be listed here, but not all of your classes will have fully fleshed out online options. Some professors like to put presentations, lectures, and articles onto their D2L pages, even if the classroom is NOT an online course. ALL online courses will be administered through your D2L page, though. You MUST go here for your classwork, to turn in papers, and practically anything else. The only exception to this rule is when the professor explains otherwise. Every class you take has its own D2L page. On EACH of those pages, there are links at the top to navigate the site. Using those links, you can make your way around your online courses. Here is a brief explanation of the most commonly used links. The Content section is where your professor will post worksheets, assignments, or presentations.

You should access this section every day to be sure you have everything up to date for your class. Many professors will still want to have discussions about the class and about assignments. This section will have forum posts from the professor where you can comment and discuss the lesson. The Gov Says that the general rule is that you must read everyone's posts and write two of your own. The Dropbox is where you will most often drop off finished assignments. The Quizzes section is where you'll go to take your online quizzes and tests. Remember! No amount of browsing around in this orientation can prepare you for your online classes quite like going into D2L and looking around yourself. Admissions

Advisement for Undeclared Majors

Registrar's Office

Tutoring Center

Bursar's Office

Financial Aid

Veteran Affairs

OneStop Info/Help Desk


Desire2Learn (D2L)


Public Safety (Main Campus Only)

Student Affairs

AP Dining Services (Main Campus Only) 931.221.7661













931.221.7474 Ft. Campbell Information Ft. Campbell Website Austin Peay Center @ Fort Campbell
Bastogne Avenue, Buildings 202 and 203
Fort Campbell, KY 42223
(931) 221-1400
(800) 844-APSU Let's Go Peay! Warning: This video is awesome MUDBOWL! Build Stuff Athletics and Recreation The Austin Peay Alma Mater AP FIGHT SONG! Welcome to Austin Peay! A D C B 1. A Number- You’re A number (A#) is your personal identification number given to you by Austin Peay. This number is very important, so make sure you remember it. An example could be A00XXXXXX, where the X’s are also numbers.

2. Abbreviations on the buildings on
Ft. Campbell Campus
a. “Ed Center” – Where admissions, Veterans Affairs, and Administrative offices are located. You will also have classes in the Ed Center. Tip: Classes in the Ed Center will be designated on your schedule with an “EC”.
b. “Austin Peay Building” – next door to the Ed Center. This building contains many faculty offices and classrooms. Tip: Classes in the Austin Peay Building will be designated on your schedule with an “AP”.

Main Campus
a. “The UC”- The Morgan University Center
b. “MMC” or “Music Mass”- The Music and Mass Communications building.
c. “Red Barn”- The Memorial Health building.
d. “The Caf”- The cafeteria located in the Morgan University Center
e. “The Grill”- The food court located outside of the cafeteria

3. Academic Calendar- The Academic Calendar is a listing of all the important dates throughout the school year. From deadlines to the end of classes, the
Academic Calendar covers the most important dates and times of which students should be aware.

4. Advisement/Adviser- An Adviser is a person that you, as a student, go to for advice. While that sounds simple enough, you’ll need to see your advisor every semester to make sure you’re taking the classes you need. Tip: Check out Degree Compass on your OneStop page to get an idea for classes to take in your major.

5. AP Alert/Rave- A text-based service offered by Austin Peay. The texts sent out by AP Alert warn of incoming weather and dangerous situations that may occur on campus. 6. Bookstore(s)- The primary location to buy and sell books for your classes, the bookstores located on the main campus and the Ft. Campbell campus offer a wide variety of books and merchandise. The bookstore on main campus is located in the center of campus. The bookstore at the Ft. Campbell campus is located in the Ed Center in Room 1115. The Ft. Campbell bookstore location is open prior to the first day of classes. You should check the schedule posted on the door of EC 1115 for the hours of operation as it may change from one semester to the next.

7. Bulletin/catalog – Online resource with university & academic policies as well as program/major/minor information including requirements, course descriptions & contact information.

8. Bursar/Bursar’s Office- The Bursar’s Office handles monetary transactions for Austin Peay. The Bursar’s Office on main campus is located on the main floor of the Browning Building (the building front and center when facing campus). They have extended hours on Monday and Tuesday until 6pm. You may also make a payment at the Ft. Campbell location in the Administrative offices in the Ed. Center. You may pay using cash, online payment with credit card or ACH, or check. Specific information regarding payment terms, important dates for payment, and operations of the office can be found at: 9. Campus Access- Please refer to the "How To Get To Your Classes" section.

10. Campus Police- Austin Peay main campus is home to its own police force. On duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the police force can and will respond to any emergency on the primary campus.

11. Conditional Admission – If your academic record “almost meets” minimum requirements for regular admission, you may be conditionally admitted for your first term at APSU. The decision is made based on your high school GPA and/or scores on ACT, SAT or COMPASS. Conditionally admitted Ft. Campbell students are allowed to enroll in no more than 7 credit hours. If you are enrolling on campus, you will be allowed to enroll in no more than 14 credit hours.. A student must earn a GPA of 1.5 or better during the first term of enrollment, or s/he must serve a one-term academic suspension (may not be appealed).

12. Confirmation- Confirmation is the act of letting Austin Peay know that you will definitely be coming to the classes you signed up for. By confirming, you are promising to pay your tuition and fees and a seat in the class is being reserved for you. Once you have “confirmed” your classes, you will need to officially withdraw should something arise to prevent you from attending school.

13. “Core” Classes- Austin Peay requires all students to take 42 hours of core classes. These classes make up the general knowledge base that Austin Peay feels every student can benefit from. Austin Peay requires English 1010, English 1020, Communications 1010, English 2030, 6 hours of Humanities/Fine Arts electives, 6 hours of Social/Behavioral Science electives, 6 hours of History, 8 hours of Natural Sciences, and 3 hours of Mathematics. The total hour count is 41 hours.

However, if you are pursuing an Associate degree, your core credit hours will be based on your program requirements. See your advisor for more information concerning requirements for your program

14. Co-requisites- A co-requisite is a course that must be taken in conjunction with another. For example, Biology 1010 must be taken with Biology 1011.

15. Credit hours- How we represent the time you’ve spent going through university classes. Most courses will give 3 (three) credit hours. Austin Peay requires its students to take at least 120 credit hours to graduate with a Bachelor’s. Austin Peay students are required to complete at least 60-65 credit hours to earn an Associate degree.

16. CRN- Course Registration Number. This number will appear as a link when searching for classes through self-service. Each individual class has its own CRN. 17. D2L- Desire 2 Learn. This is Austin Peay’s online hub for the courses that you take. If you’re taking an online course, this is the primary place where all communication, submissions, and transactions will occur.

18. Drop class – Official withdrawal from a class currently enrolled. Official withdraws are initiated by the student.

19. Electives- Electives are courses taken outside of specific requirements listed within a major, minor, or are for personal preference. For example, Computer Science 1000 is not a requirement for the Biology major, so taking it makes it an elective.

20. Enhanced Classes- Enhanced classes are classes that meet and are given extra time. This extra time is a lab class that meets to enhance the students’ skills. This is not reserved for students to take more time on tests or to complete projects. They are reserved for students who received a deficiency in a specific area. For example, a student with a mathematics deficiency would enroll in Mathematics 1010 Enhanced rather than Mathematics 1010.

21. “FAFSA” – Free Application for Federal Student Aid” This is the form you’ll need to complete if you’re applying for student aid and/or the Tennessee HOPE Lottery Scholarship. You can find a link to the form on the Financial Aid website at: You’ll need to do this before anything else can be done for you so don’t put it off. Check out the link “Financial Aid Process” while you’re at the website.

22. Financial Aid Office- The Financial Aid Office is the office that works toward helping you pay for your university experience. Financial Aid can help with financial aid application (FAFSA) issues and with loans, grants, or scholarships.

23. Financial Aid TV (FATV) - a collection of financial aid “You Tube” type videos on financial aid, the lottery scholarship and Veterans benefits. You may find the answers to many of your questions using FATV. Go to and check out these informational videos.

24. Ft. Campbell Classes- (definition pending upon visit to Ft. Campbell site)

25. Fulltime – Enrollment in at least 6 credit hours is consider fulltime enrollment during Austin Peay Center @ Ft. Campbell semester E F G H L M O P R S U V W 26. GoArmyEd – Military Educational website used by military personnel to apply for admission, register for classes & other educational needs. Military personnel using tuition assistance must process application & registrations through GoArmyEd.

27. Hybrid class – Hybrid is a class that combines classroom & online/web-based instruction.

28. Lower Division Courses- Lower Division Courses are courses labeled 1000-2000. These courses are generally either introductory courses or less intensive courses.

29. Major Requirements- A Major Requirement is a course that is required within a specific major. For example, Criminal Justice 1010 is a major requirement for the Criminal Justice major.

30. Minor Requirements- Minor requirements are courses that are required to complete a specific minor. For example, English 1100 is required to complete the Professional Writing minor. 31. Onestop/Self Service- OneStop is your most vital connection to Austin Peay. Here, you can access much of the important information concerning your student life, degree compass, registering for classes, checking with Financial Aid, and accessing you email and D2L.

32. Prerequisites- A prerequisite is a course that must be taken before signing up for another course. For example, English 1010 must be taken and completed before signing up for English 1020.

33. Registrar/Registrar’s Office- The Registrar’s Office helps with registration and registration issues as well as maintaining official academic records. The Registrar’s Office also helps with password and username issues for OneStop and D2L.

34. RODP- These courses are online courses offered by the Tennessee Board of Regents and can be taught by professors outside of Austin Peay.

35. Semester – Each semester at Austin Peay Center @ Ft. Campbell is 8 weeks long but is equivalent to a traditional semester or term. Five semesters are available each academic year.

36. Student Information Window – Austin Peay Ctr. @ Ft. Campbell Student Information Window is located in the Army Education Center room 138. Admission, registration, gate pass, student ID, advisor, & business office information can be obtained at this location. Some forms may be picked up & submitted to the Student Information Window. 37. Upper Division Courses- An upper division course is one labeled 3000-4000 in the course catalog. These courses are more challenging than lower division courses and are often required to complete certain degrees, majors, and minors.

38. Verification – A term used in financial aid where your financial aid application (FAFSA) was selected to be reviewed by the financial aid office. The financial aid office will notify you through your AP Email of documents required to complete your financial aid file. This is very important as your financial aid award/your funds to pay for school are pending until verification is complete.

39. Veterans Affairs- The Veterans Affairs office offers veterans the chance to collect benefits to help pay for tuition and fees. Students receiving benefits must view the online orientation found at:

Please check out their website. There is a lot of information located there to help you through the process.

40. Withdrawal from the University – Student drops/withdrawals from all courses currently enrolled. Terms to Know Logging In To access the real FAFSA, visit
Make sure you have all the needed information before you sit down
Start filling out the online form. Active Duty students register for their classes through Go Army Ed ONLY if they are using military tuition assistance and will need to reference the guides that provides for the process. NOTE*
All times listed in this orientation are in Central Standard Time unless otherwise specified. If that doesn't work for you, you can always go directly to the website at You should use AP OneStop to access your web self service. Direct access to Web Self Service will no longer be used.

If you need assistance with your username for AP OneStop, please contact the help desk at 931-221-HELP (4357).

Your password is a six digit number and will initially be set to your birthday, for example March 4, 1964 would be 030464.

You will be prompted to reset you password once you log in. Please see the portion of this orientation regarding AP OneStop. Self Service is a term you might hear from time to time, but you should know that it's actually an outdated term now. Self Service has been phased out, so if you hear it, just know it really means OneStop.
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